Post-baby periods

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Frazzled13 Thu 23-Jul-20 11:13:36

My periods started again a few months ago, a year after having DD and they are making me miserable. I don't think they were this bad before, but maybe I've just blocked it out!
For the week before I am ravenously hungry, really anxious and very irritable, but when my period arrives its like I've been hit by a bus - I ache everywhere, I'm so unbelievably tired I don't feel safe driving and can barely work, plus I have a general sort of flu-y feeling like I'm coming down with something. I don't get ill very often at all but I spend the first few days of every period barely able to get out of bed from the exhaustion. I don't have that heavy bleeding, or any significant pain though. Is this something that can happen after you have a baby, does it settle down? Is there anything that might help?
I'm not on an contraceptive if that's relevant (could a hormonal contraceptive help with this??)

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