Have you had a myomectomy?

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Bearlyawake Thu 13-Feb-20 10:14:18

I'm due to have a myomectomy soon due to a large fibroid growing off my womb and also having a cyst removed from my ovary. I have anxiety anyway but I'm feeling pretty terrified about it. Can anyone share their experiences of this procedure?

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ahran2k Fri 14-Feb-20 13:37:09

Never had a myomectomy but had a cyst removed. Both are pretty standard surgeries and I am sure your surgeon must have done a lot of them so no need to be that nervous. Also if the surgeon during the surgery thinks that removing the fibroid in any way is risky then he would leave it alone and may be go for UAE is the future. If you are feeling nervous then go through the consent form copy which you had signed, you must have a copy. It details out what risk could happen and what will the surgeon do in the scenario. It is okay to be nervous but don't stress too much.

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