Suggested contraception for acne / pms / hair loss

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whenitsover Tue 10-Sep-19 08:07:21

I’ve been suffering from acne and pms for as long as I can remember. The acne I think is hormonal related as I have a good skincare routine that works when AF does not arrive. My pms has gotten worse since having kids. On top
Of that, I do have hair loss / thinning hair which I believe is due to age, genetics.

Can anyone advise on the what contraception
I should take given my current health? Thanks in advance

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BigbreastsBiggerbeard Thu 12-Sep-19 19:33:54

Not much use, I know, but I found that taking the mini pill made my hair fall out quite badly. It was Cerazette. I think I must be especially sensitive though as HRT also made my hair fall out!

Hopefully someone will be along soon to help further.

Slightly off topic, but have you had blood tests for your thinning hair? Iron, etc?

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