Pelvic pain during period after exercise?

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Alicia870 Tue 04-Jun-19 19:02:54

Hi all
Currently having my period and completed a 20 minute hiit workout earlier. It was high impact (burpees, squat jumps etc).
Afterwards, my whole vulva and vagina (sorry for tmi!!) was so sore it felt like I'd been punched down there!

I had a baby 8 months ago if that has anything to do with it. After the birth I had a lot of heaviness down there for a few months and private physio said I had a very mild descent rather than prolapse but the heaviness has completely gone away and I've been doing these hiit workouts with no problem usually. Just wondered if this happens to anyone else and if anyone knew why this would be happening on my period? Could hardly stand after but now it's eased off!

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Galwaygirl Tue 04-Jun-19 19:06:54

I get this! Pelvic pain in right hand side, went to Doc, pain radiating from sarco iliac joint and Pudendal nerve, I think around ovulation and period its worse, gp explained its hormonal also

RockyRocky Mon 10-Jun-19 14:18:05

I've suffered from pelvic girdle pain since 8 months pregnant (baby is now 14 months). I find it flares up a couple of days before my period for about a week, and if i do any type of exercise/ anything manual then I really pay for it- not quite bed bound. I've done loads of reading up (NHS have been completely useless), and it seems that when we have our periods we also produce relaxin which increases the laxity in our ligaments in the pelvis.

Redgirl7 Mon 01-Jul-19 15:50:54

Have always had pelvic pain when exercising and heavy periods and get constant back pains. Have had pelvic exams in past but No success. Now Been referred for a full pelvic exam where they the heaf consultant wants to check everything in my vagina and rectum which I am not looking forward to. Will need a full GA and they want to take samples. May need a lap at later date if they suspect endometriosis.

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