Cerelle and period pain

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CallingDrJones Wed 01-May-19 21:03:22

I've been on Cerelle for about 2.5 years with no problems, no periods at all, no pain etc.
This week I've had lower back pain (almost into my coccyx) and some period type pain in my front with pains going down into my groin. I've had a few mood swings leading up to these pains and then today I've had EWCM which is unusual for me. No bleeding however.
Put it down to an unusual month or should I be concerned?

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CallingDrJones Thu 02-May-19 07:25:59

Hopeful bump for the morning!

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BillywigSting Thu 02-May-19 07:29:48

I took cerrelle for a few years and mostly got no period symptoms at all but I did get the odd month with a few cramps /spots /mood swings etc. I just put it down to those being the periods that without the mini pill would have absolutely floored me, but instead were just mildly uncomfortable for a couple of days. It's pretty normal I think

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