Breast biopsy

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Kazzer71 Wed 13-Mar-19 17:27:37

Hi, after going for a mamogram today i have been told i have to go back for a biopsy as i have a cluster of calcifications. I am a absolute wreck.... Cant eat or think about anything else... I have a 6 and 10yr old and i cant help but thinking the worse. Just cant think rationally. Has anyone been through this? Xxx

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Cbwick Wed 13-Mar-19 22:47:57

I haven't been through this, but have just been put on the 2 week wait for breast lump and indentation, despite having a clear mammogram screen 6 months ago. I really sympathise with you as I am also a wreck at the moment, single parent to a child with a disability and no family to support. I can't stop crying , sick with worry. I hope it all turns out okay for you xx

Kazzer71 Thu 14-Mar-19 03:22:59

Hi, thanks for your reply..... I do sympathise for you having no one there for you... Its the waiting
That sends your mind into overdrive... On the plus point for you your mamogram was clear 6 months ago, so hopefully it will be a down to hormonal issues. If you ever need to chat please message me anytime... Im lying awake at 3.10am on Google worried sick, cant cope with wating 2 to 3 weeks for my biopsy 😭. Big hugs to you xxx

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Smotheroffive Thu 14-Mar-19 03:32:22

Oh to you both.

No experience other than having heard that a tiny proportion are ever anything to worry about. I hope that might help ease your mind a bit? The vast majority of referrals are fine. Hope this is so for you both, and good you have each other.

There is a thread for the tww (twoweekwait) for follow up, that might be helpful too?

mimibunz Thu 14-Mar-19 03:36:08

I’ve had a breast biopsy. It didn’t hurt but the whole thing made me feel terribly vulnerable. It’s most likely nothing and they’re just being cautious! flowers

Kazzer71 Thu 14-Mar-19 03:50:42

Thanks for your reply, hope your results were ok? Im petrified, cant function properly... Dont know how i will cope waiting 😢. Xxx

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someoneseatenmyapple Thu 14-Mar-19 05:22:09

Try not to worry too much OP.

I went recently after being referred by GP for a mammogram as I had unusual pain on the left side. Had a mammogram but they found something they wanted to investigate further on the right side, so that was completely unexpected. I then had a scan and a biopsy and had to go back a week later for the results. It was a fibroadenoma, so fortunately nothing sinister. I completely understand your anxiety as the wait is hard, but try to remember 80% of lumps are not cancer. I really hope everything is ok for you.

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