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MummyTaylor97 Sun 10-Mar-19 11:35:46

Hello. I'm posting again because I went to the hospital yesterday and they couldn't refer me to a scan due to it being the weekend. I'm 10 weeks pregnant and am experiencing red blood on the tissue when I wipe, Ive had back pains over the past couple of days (not sure if related as I suffer anyway since having my first son)& I've had bad cramps on Friday and Thursday. However I have also had diarreah, so not sure if it's related or that or if it's happening again. Has anyone ever had this happen before and had s healthy baby from the outcome?☹️

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ElyElyOy Sun 10-Mar-19 19:42:35

I’ve had several miscarriages and once the spotting bleeding started it very quickly and suddenly became gushing red blood. I also had agonising stomach cramps that didn’t stop for several days and needed strong pain medication.

With my son I had loads of pelvic pain and and upset tummy (think I had that instead of morning sickness!) and spotting bleeding when I wiped. I even had a few heavy bleeds but they were nothing like miscarriage bleeding and no cause was found for it.

Good luck tomorrow and hopefully a scan at the EPU will reassure you x

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