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On the way home discovered a Book Sale!!

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Antdamm Sat 15-Aug-09 16:46:18

As title says, was on way home when we seen all these cars and a sign saying Book Sale.

Books were 50p each!!!

They had some really really new books, some completely unread ones and old ones. All the proceeds were going to a charity for Indian children.
I was in there for about an hour. Dragged Dp and Ds round.
In the end I walked out with about £20 worth of books for me, DS got a few Beatrix Potter books. DP got some programming books, hes not a reader.

It was brill.

JackieNo Sat 15-Aug-09 16:53:49

Fantastic grin. Is that £20 at 50p each? I'm very envy.

Antdamm Sat 15-Aug-09 16:56:57

Aye thats £20 at 50p, total bargain.

Just had to brag tell everyone


Antdamm Sat 15-Aug-09 17:00:53

Have put a pic on profile of my 'books to read' pile. Its huge now.

TwoIfBySea Sat 15-Aug-09 20:05:12

Crikey Antdamm, see you next year then! How unpopular would I make myself to you if I asked you to list them? hehe - cute little boy by the by!

I'm not jealous, no, not at all, not me envy

Chinchilla Sat 15-Aug-09 20:17:41

Oh, I would LOVE to find a book sale with loads of books for ME! Lucky you.

Antdamm Sun 16-Aug-09 15:49:14

Bored, so have listed. Sorry in advance for making you read a massive list.

<my taste in books is not exactly highbrow>

Sail - James Patterson
Orpheus rising - Colin Bateman
Your heart belongs to me - Dean Koontz
The little friend - Donna Tartt
Killer heat - Linda Fairstein
Hades - Russell Andrews
The road to McCarthy - Pete McCarthy
Chapter and verse - Colin Bateman
Dear God - Carmel Reilly
What are the odds - Graham Sharpe
The point of rescue - Sophie Hannah
Report for murder - Val MCdermid
Possession - Peter James
Dying light - Stuart MacBride
Murder on the brighton express - Edward Marston
Not dead enough - Peter James
The illustrated man - Ray Bradbury
Time bomb - Jonathan kellerman
Turning angel - Greg Iles
Never somewhere else - Alex Gray
Obsession - Johnathan Kellerman
Presumed innocent - Scott Turow
Web of deceit - Glenn Meade
Bones - Johnathan Kellerman
Watchers - Dean Koontz
My life on a plate - India Knight
I see you - Gregg Hurwitz
The watcher - Grace Monroe
Echo Park - Michael Connelly
Broken Skin - Stuart MacBride
Forty years of murder - Keith simpson
Addition - toni jordan
The Grass arena - John Healy
The woman who walked into doors - Roddy Doyle
devil bones - Kathy reichs
The likeness - Tana French
The yorkshire pudding club - Milly Johnson
You've been warned - James Patterson
We need to talk about Kevin - Lionel Shriver
Life isn't all ha ha.. - Meera Syal
Confessions of a demented housewife - Niamh Greene
Fear the worst - linwood barclay
Francesca's party - Patricia Scanlan
This charming man - Marian Keyes
Scarpetta - Patricia Cornwell
Machineries of joy - Ray Bradbury
Monday mourning - Kathy reichs
blood test - Johnathan Kellerman
Velocity - Dean Koontz
Bad things - Michael Marshall
Monster - Johnathan Kellerman
China lake - Meg Gardiner
The empty chair - Jeffery Deaver
The two minute rule - Robert Crais
Blood runs cold - Alex Barclay
The blue nowhere - Jeffrey Deaver
The darker side - Cody McFadyen
Death message - Mark Billingham
In the blood - Jack Kerley
True evil - Greg Iles
The Caller - Alex Barclay
The fifth victim - Beverly Barton
Broken Hearts - Grace Monroe
New Moon - Stephenie Meyer
Eclipse - Stephenie Meyer
The life and time of the thunderbolt kid - Bill Bryson
The road home - Rose Tremain
No time for goodbye - Linwood Barclay
Ritual - Mo Hayder
The secret life of a slummy mummy - Fiona Neill
Play dead - Richard Montanari
Mad Cows - Kathy Lette
The abortionist's daughter - Elisabeth Hyde
The shack - Wm Paul Young

Antdamm Sun 16-Aug-09 16:11:06

Oh forgot to say Thanks TwoIfBySea. Your boys look very cute also. grin

squilly Sun 16-Aug-09 16:22:13

Wow...I'd be green with envy if I didn't have bags and bags of books from the last 2 car boots I went to. 3 or 4 books for a pound and all like new. Problem is now getting to read the blighters!!!

Hope you have more luck than me

Chinchilla Sun 16-Aug-09 20:51:20

'The Little Friend' is not good I'm afraid. 'Tis Charming Man' is quite good though - I have just finished it and it dod surprise me in places. Marion Keyes is not bad for chick-lit.

TwoIfBySea Sun 16-Aug-09 21:05:15

Great selection, you got an absolute bargain there. I read The Point of Rescue recently and it was quite good. Feel really bad at having you list them all blush.

KnickKnack Sun 16-Aug-09 21:13:14

Brill selection of books...very jealous! I obviously live in the wrong part of Ireland

AntdamnTheDM Wed 19-Aug-09 22:40:20

I don't mind listing them all.

Knickknack - I'm up in the NW (ish) forgive me I'm from Scotland


Have read 6 so far. Am reading two at the moment <trying to keep myself busy before launching into new moon and eclipse>

KnickKnack Wed 19-Aug-09 22:42:55

Ohh I am in the right part!

<<must go hunting for book sales>>

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