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Janeite! Max Tivoli.....

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Flamesparrow Mon 10-Aug-09 20:44:49

Have finished

Did not expect to end up sobbing blush. I really enjoyed it, and I keep telling people about it.

I am moving on to Jane next <nervous>.

Flamesparrow Tue 11-Aug-09 19:11:09


EachPeachPearMum Tue 11-Aug-09 22:14:00

She is on holiday Flame!

Flamesparrow Tue 11-Aug-09 23:00:56

Well that's just plain rude! She should be here when I want her to be.

EachPeachPearMum Tue 11-Aug-09 23:19:03

Yeah... I miss her too smile

janeite Fri 21-Aug-09 15:17:00

Ooh how lovely! Am back btw - got back v early this morning and am sooooooooo tired. Had a lovely time.

Glad you enjoyed Max - I thought it was gorgeous, really well written and such an interesting character.

Now - have you started Persuasion yet?

I read loads on holiday but most of it wasn't much cop.

I liked the Swedish vampires (Let The Right One In) and LOVED The Moonstone. Couldn't get into The Woman In White but I think that was because it was too big to hold comfortably on a towel.

I read A Widow For A Year, which disappointed me. Tom Bedlam was okay. Read a dreadful James Herbert and a dreadful Elizabeth George, both of which I picked up at the apartments. Forget what else at the mo.

NorksNappiesAndNowtElse Fri 21-Aug-09 18:08:01

blush No I haven't. I picked it up... then got distracted by something shiny. I will start again!!!

Haven't read the rest of your reply properly - dinner alarm going off for veg.

NorksNappiesAndNowtElse Fri 21-Aug-09 18:17:15

Right, am back.

Swedish vampires sounds intriguing!!! I'm on a Christopher Brookmyre one, I fancied a funny one.

What's The Moonstone about then? I seem to recall my sister has Woman In White for me to try at some random point in the future.

I want a nice holiday where I can just reeeeeeeeeeeeeeead. My honeymoon was amazing for that (benefits of marrying a man who reads wink - we sat on sunbeds and ignored each other for books for most of it!)

janeite Fri 21-Aug-09 18:23:13

Yes - we ignored both each other and the children for much of each day: was fab!

Yes, I think you'd like the vampire one. Dp and I both enjoyed it, although I was a bit disappointed by the ending. The Moonstone is about a stolen Indian diamond and was great fun - multi narrators, my favourite being the butler; love and hate; everybody suspected; death and betrayal etc.

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