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I loved the Forsyte Saga, and am now bereft...

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potatofactory Sat 23-May-09 20:47:26

that it has finished. Anything else similar? I have tried Trollope (Anthony wink) but struggled a bit more with it.

All tips gratefully received


provinciallady Sun 24-May-09 14:55:03

Have you read 'The Cazalet Chronicles' by Elizabeth Jane Howard? If not, you might enjoy the series - there are four books about the Cazalet family, and the first is 'The Light Years'.
Here is the Amazon link.
This blog has a good review too.

TheProvincialLady Sun 24-May-09 15:10:10

I loved it too and felt just the same when it had finished. I can't think of anything similar but I read a lot of looooong novels for that reason.

Provinciallady have you had your name for long? Because if not, I would be really grateful if you would consider changing it for something a bit less similar to my ownsmile

bloss Sun 24-May-09 15:28:37

Message withdrawn

TheProvincialLady Sun 24-May-09 15:29:53

Have you seen the 1960s tv version BTW? It is very good and might keep you going a bit longer!

Lilymaid Sun 24-May-09 16:07:33

I agree that the Cazalet chronicles are great and would recommend it for someone wanting to read a family saga type story that is well and thoughtfully written.
I would also recommend Olivia Manning's Balkan and Levant trilogies (aka Fortunes of War). This was also very well serialised by the BBC, in the 1980s, starring Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson.

potatofactory Sun 24-May-09 17:58:22

Fantastic, thanks. Will check out this 'Cazalet' you speak of, and also Olivia Manning. smile

potatofactory Sun 24-May-09 17:59:07

Thanks also for 'A Suitable Boy' recommendation too.

provinciallady Mon 25-May-09 19:14:46

One other suggestion - wondered if you have read 'A Dance to the Music of Time' by Anthony Powell? A very absorbing series of twelve novels - here is the Amazon link. It was also televised, and there has been an excellent radio adaptation.
TheProvincialLady - I've had this name since last year - sorry, I didn't know you had registered a similar one, but no problem, will change! smile

Lilymaid Mon 25-May-09 19:18:09

Provincial Lady - I was going to suggest ADTTMOT as well. It's DH's favourite read and I think its about time I read it for the third time round.

TheProvincialLady Mon 25-May-09 19:23:30

Oh that is very sweet of yousmile You obviously have good taste! Are you an E M Delafield fan too? Make sure you tell us your new name (You could be Granny Bo Peep?!)

potatofactory Mon 25-May-09 20:15:34

Ooh! More! Thank you, and especially thank you for providing links!


potatofactory Mon 25-May-09 20:17:52

TWELVE novels!! I like the sound of that!

Portillista Mon 25-May-09 20:20:37

I loved the Forsyte Saga, too (read it all when pg with DC1!), and still miss it now. I did try ADTTMOT, but couldn't get on with it - I kept having to re-read the sentences, and it all became too much like Henry James (i.e. hard work). But I shall watch this thread with interest!

potatofactory Mon 25-May-09 20:44:57

Hmmm ... Henry James you say...

Maybe I should get the first one out of the library rather than order all twelve now, then (which I am impetuous enough to do!)


Queenoftheharpies Tue 26-May-09 21:03:30

Oh, I loved the Balkan / Levant trilogies - and I've never met anyone else (on the internet or in RL) that's read them.

(waves to Lilymaid)

lizziemun Tue 26-May-09 21:55:08

If it family saga type books then have you read any of Cynthia Harrod-Eagles about the moorland dynasty which follows the family from 1434 and the war of the roses upto 1917.

potatofactory Tue 26-May-09 22:52:16

Top tips, thank you ladies. Am enjoying my research into all these possibilities! smile

dweezle Wed 27-May-09 10:42:09

I like Howard Spring's novels - usually wide ranging family sagas over 2-3 generations. How about R F Delderfield or A J Cronin.

JeffVadar Tue 02-Jun-09 13:14:18

Simon Raven Alms for Oblivion sequence?

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