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Don't sweat the small stuff, ? parenting book .

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bensmum3 Fri 24-Dec-04 10:05:55

I saw this title a few years ago, and would really like to read this book, but despite looking at lots of book sites don't seem to be able to find it, does anyone have a copy i could buy or borrow please ?

WideWebWitch Fri 24-Dec-04 10:09:37

It's not a parenting book, it's a self help book isn't it? I think I have a copy somewhere if you mean this one

WideWebWitch Fri 24-Dec-04 10:10:04

But my copy is 7 years old, not this recent one.

bensmum3 Fri 24-Dec-04 21:08:07

Hi wickedwaterwitch, i think it's the same book, are you thinking of selling yours ? I would just like to read it. we don't live a modern life so i'm sure an old copy would be very relevant,
merry christmas to you !

WideWebWitch Sat 25-Dec-04 08:41:55

I don't want any money for it, you're welcome to it. Cat me if you do.

bensmum3 Sat 25-Dec-04 18:29:22

Thankyou, I have sent a CAT.

Harrysmom Mon 27-Dec-04 15:43:40

I read the "Don't sweat the small stuff in love" Its not bad, A little "Americanized". When you've been up all night with a new baby and your DH is being a lazy git, It tells you to "put aside your anger" and go give him a big kiss and say "Honey can I cook your favorite meal tonight?" etc etc....yeah right! But it is a feel good little book and it does make you a nicer person (for a couple of hours).

bensmum3 Fri 31-Dec-04 09:10:38

Wickedwaterwitch, just wondering if you got my cat ?

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