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Please help me find a book I read as a child

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slipperyeel Sun 10-Nov-19 13:45:07

It was a book written from the perspective of women from the Old Testament, a chapter for one woman.
I remember loving but cannot remember the title and google is no help.

I think I was about 11/12 when I read it and it might possibly have been written by a Sarah someone.
Thanks in advance!!

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itllneverfitinthecar Sun 10-Nov-19 15:41:39

Carol Ann Duffy - The World's Wife?

slipperyeel Sun 10-Nov-19 17:21:01

It’s not that but thank you

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ScrummyDiva2 Sun 10-Nov-19 17:47:20

For Such a Time as This?

SalemsMumHasGotitGoingOn Sun 10-Nov-19 17:52:10

"I Am..." by Athalya Brenner?

slipperyeel Mon 11-Nov-19 12:27:56

None of those but thank you anyway

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elliollie Mon 11-Nov-19 12:53:07

Grit and Grace by Caryn Rivadeneira?

zafferana Mon 11-Nov-19 12:55:11

What's the approximate year of publishing OP? Might help us to narrow it down - even if you can just provide a decade.

BlackberryCitron Mon 11-Nov-19 12:55:12

The Red Tent? Anita Diamant I think...

slipperyeel Mon 11-Nov-19 14:01:54

I love the red tent but this was definitely a YA
I think I read it in about 1985 and my bet would be that it was published in the 70s

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StitchesInTime Mon 11-Nov-19 14:06:38

Sarah and After by Lynne Reid Banks?

slipperyeel Mon 11-Nov-19 17:23:56

@StitchesInTime that’s it!!!!! Thank you so much! Off to track down a copy right now. wine

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