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Is Michel Houellebecq As Horrid As I Think.......

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JeremyVile Wed 15-Aug-07 20:05:18

.........or am i just too dim to 'get it'?
I've read Platform and Atomised.
His take on the world seems utterly repugnant and i cant get past that even though his ideas are quite intriguing.

Anyone read any of his other stuff? Is he ever not repugnant?

RubySlippers Wed 15-Aug-07 20:05:58

couldn't even get through Atomised so I salute you

think you are right in your assumption TBH

JeremyVile Wed 15-Aug-07 20:12:07

Good, at least i know i'm not just being a delicate flower then!

Nightynight Wed 15-Aug-07 20:22:53

I abandoned Houllebecq at the reading the blurb in the bookshop stage.

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