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Viv Albertine

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Deathraystare Fri 31-May-19 07:05:37

To throw away unopened.

I read this in an afternoon at the library.

It is more about her family life and blimey! Her mother and Father were at logger heads. Quite shocking. Interesting too is her thoughts in men.

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KeithLeMonde Sun 02-Jun-19 07:05:10

She's a brilliant writer, isn't she? I loved how precisely she could pinpoint issues in her relationships with men (the chapter on getting ready for her date was excellent - funny but very poignant at the same time) and the challenges faced by women in her mother's generation.

I'm not sure I would like her very much, but as someone on the 50 Books thread pointed out, she's a link so she probably knows that and doesn't care!

CaptainNelson Sun 02-Jun-19 17:05:11

I have this in my pile to-be-read. I only read Music Clothes Boys (or whatever order it is) recently and thought that was great, but I agree about probably not liking her very much irl! Not that I need to smile

KeithLeMonde Sun 02-Jun-19 17:55:04

Just spotted in my message above that autocorrect changed "punk" to "link" which is why my post doesn't make sense.

thelikelylass Sun 02-Jun-19 19:42:40

They are both great books, I've met her and really liked her, found her very warm and funny. Her first book has really set a precedent for women music writers to be much more raw and gritty.

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