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Sabine Durrant - take me the in. Anyone read it? Want to discuss the end. SPOILER alert!!

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BusterTheBulldog Wed 01-Aug-18 14:18:57

Did anyone else find the end disappointing? I really enjoyed the first two thirds of the book, the detail, the show build up, a sense of unease, and then poof! It’s ended.

It was Richard right? What happened to Dave jepson?!

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Samantha51 Thu 02-Aug-18 12:27:47

I think it was Richard but am not sure. I really read the ending but still wasn't sure!

BusterTheBulldog Thu 02-Aug-18 15:51:01

So he was then the one stalking her / them all along too? Or was Dave just a figment of their imagination in moments of tension as she suggested? He still seems super weird coming to fix the sink, wondering around house etc.

It’s all very nice odd! I don’t think I’ve ever been as annoyed with a book ending, I stayed up late to finish it too, grr!

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Samantha51 Thu 02-Aug-18 16:26:07

I know. It was great until the end. I think Dave was real but not as dangerous as they thought. Just slightly unhinged by the death of his son and o sessed with keeping Josh safe as he didn't think his parents could. As for the bad things that happened to them. Some of them could have been Richard but I'm not sure. Would have loved to find out what happened to Dave though.

AwfulMum123 Sat 27-Jul-19 22:16:14

I’ve just finished this and also thought WTF about the ending! So who burgled the house? Richard? What was in the brown envelope from the Russians? Were Richard and Dave the same person? Who gave the kid chocolate twice?! Was all the leaked PR stuff really just bad luck? Did she really keep seeing Dave everywhere? What WAS her upbringing? Lots hinted at but nothing particularly concrete. The psychologist report bit at the end was awful too! Such a cop out. Have scrubbed the rest of her books off my Amazon wish list now (Read ‘Lie with Me’ and thought that was a bit far fetched too but I did enjoy it)

AwfulMum123 Sat 27-Jul-19 22:17:29

Sorry - just realised this is almost a year old! I just googled ‘Take me in ending’ and this thread came up!

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