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Business books by women and girls?

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hellokittymania Wed 31-May-17 05:40:05

I was just listening to a YouTube video by eight and said and they were talking with Naomi Simpson from Australia. I just bought her book. Ready to soar. I have also read leaned in. I have another book that I started to read, it's like a handbook for women entrepreneurs but I forget the title.

If girl boss is worth reading, I will read it too. What else have you read?

I know it isn't a business book, but I read the time management book bye Bridget Schulte, which was quite interesting.

Ookmybanana Wed 31-May-17 12:34:08

I'd recommend Careers Advice for Ambitious Women by Heather McGregor/Mrs Moneypenny.

BeeThirtythree Fri 02-Jun-17 02:27:07

I found the following really interesting and motivating,
Our Turn - Kirstine Stewart
I know how she does it- Laura Vanderkam
Build your dream network-Kelly Hoey
Also Get a life by Vivienne Westwood, not just business but a really informative and uplifting read.
Is there a particular area of business you are interested in?

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