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Books about cetaceans - just finished Rush Oh!

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Squirmy65ghyg Sun 16-Apr-17 17:46:32

Brilliant book on the relationship between orcas and a whaling community in Australia.

Can anyone recommend a book on cetaceans please, either fiction or non fiction? There's a few on Amazon, including one by an ex Sea World trainer.

Squirmy65ghyg Mon 17-Apr-17 17:15:53

Bump smile

cdtaylornats Mon 17-Apr-17 20:40:31

Moby Dick
The Dolphins of Pern
The Sky Whales of Ishmael

SatsukiKusakabe Tue 18-Apr-17 22:22:14

I'm looking forward to reading Rush-Oh!

I recently read The North Water, set on a whaling vessel, but not too focussed on the relationship with humans.

Second Moby Dick.

Arthur C Clarke wrote a book called Dolphin Island which was about a scientist studying dolphin communication iirc. Read it a long time ago but might be worth a look.

I recommend you look for the documentary Blackfish if you are interested in Orcas and Seaworld - it might give you pointers on what to read as a lot of previous trainers and whale experts are involved.

Squirmy65ghyg Thu 20-Apr-17 20:01:29

It was so good! An undercurrent of knowing humour, not sure how to put it - let me know what you think!

Thank you. I saw Blackfish and am so saddened by what these amazing creatures are subject to. There are at least 2 solitary orca who are in very very small tanks (rest are with others) - shocking. Lolita in miami and Morgan in Spain. I don't know how anyone can justify it.

TheOnlyLivingBoyInNewCross Thu 20-Apr-17 20:05:57

I don't know how focused it is on cetaceans, but there's The Explorer's Daughter by Kari Herbert.

piebald Mon 24-Apr-17 09:34:41

ooh think i may have to buy that

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