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Searching for a few plot lines :

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TotallyOblivious Sun 06-Nov-16 20:25:12

(Sorry if this is the wrong place to post!!)

I'm lookin for some books with specific plots (any genres). It may sound odd, but I often have an urge to read specific plots, rather than just general genres / authors. If anyone knows of any books similar (not asking for exact) to the following plots I'll be forever greatful!!

(Please no Insta-loves!! I don't made Insta-lust but the whole I-love-you after one meeting really puts me off a book even with the best writing / plot! blush)

• Girl interning / apprenticeship and her boss is a dick. She hates him and he's an asshole but time spend together they realise they have a lot in common.

• Period setting with a girl who isn't seeking love in the slightest and neither is the guy. In fact, bonus points for if he dislike her / she dislikes him.

* Fantasy setting (preferably medieval-ish world) where the MC is a magical female (only just finds out) and she's pretty independent. Bonus points if she doesn't need a man (love can be a side storyline but in no way important to the main plot!)

• Modern romance. Woman late 20's, single (no kids) and career driven. Can be looking for love or not. Meets guy... Etc etc I'm not really specific on this...

• Aspiring lyricist who can sing but has stage fright. She is blackmailed / persuaded to sing / feature with an artist after they hear her and realise she has real talent.

Sorry I'm so fussy. I'm searching Goodreads constantly but can never seen to find something to suit my admittedly fussy needs blush

InsaneDame Mon 07-Nov-16 07:32:38

I think you need to write your own books smile

Kai1977 Mon 07-Nov-16 21:02:22

Golden Hill by Francis Spufford fits number 2.

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