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Another, anyone recognise this book please?

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wineoclockthanks Sun 14-Aug-16 10:17:22

It's driving me mad! It's an old book, I probably read it about 20 years ago. I can remember lots of bits but not its name!

Set in the USA, starts in 1950's with a group of girls at university, 1 is a rich girl, others less so, become friends but then 1 starts a rumour about another sleeping around (totally shocking then!)

Book follows them when they leave, 1 begs her boyfriend not to travel on a cruise. 1 gets married has a Down's syndrome child which her husband makes her put n a home and buys her a puppy instead. 1 takes drugs and nearly lets her children drown in a swimming pool.

Any ideas please?

FiftyNineOhEight Sun 14-Aug-16 10:24:44

Is it The Group by Mary McCarthy?

FiftyNineOhEight Sun 14-Aug-16 10:25:33

HerdsOfWilderbeest Sun 14-Aug-16 10:27:17

What a sweet story. hmm

wineoclockthanks Sun 14-Aug-16 10:40:25

No it's not Fifty but thanks for trying.

Whataboutwhathuh Sun 14-Aug-16 10:49:06

I recognise it but cannot put my finger on it. I'll have a trawl.

wineoclockthanks Sun 14-Aug-16 11:57:15

Found it!,

It's called Class Reunion by Rona Jaffe. And there's a sequel!

I'm scurrying off to eBay now.

SwedishEdith Mon 15-Aug-16 12:01:50

Oh, like the sound of these from reading about them. Love books set in New York. Thanks OP.

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