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Book Title help please!

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reasonstobecheerful123 Mon 28-Sep-15 11:05:43

I have read a couple of reviews about a book that is being/has been recently released, but I cant remember the author or title.

I only have a vague idea it is about a woman whose daughter and other members of her family die in a house fire the night before the daughter's wedding. The woman survives and the book is about her 'journey' afterwards intertwined with stories about the other family members. (i think!)

Please help!

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Liomsa Mon 28-Sep-15 13:35:03

I know the one you mean, but cant recall the title or author. I was definitely reviewed in the Guardian within the last few weekends, so unless someone on here remembers, I would go and flick through the Guardian Saturday Review archive online.

Liomsa Mon 28-Sep-15 13:38:56

IT was reviewed. I didn't write it!

Liomsa Mon 28-Sep-15 14:54:05

I remembered. It's Bill Clegg's Did You Ever Have a Family. Do post if it's any good.

reasonstobecheerful123 Mon 28-Sep-15 16:14:02

That's it!! thank you...have found the review in the Guardian too (Aug 21st).

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