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Reading suggestions please

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myusername9 Tue 15-Sep-15 06:39:45

For my brother's wedding, I need a suggested reading from a book similar to his circs. He and his wife to be were together as teenagers, split up but reconvened later in life and are now getting married. Can anyone think of any novels in which characters experienced a similar situation and which might make an appropriate reading?

Wearyheadedlady Fri 18-Sep-15 00:14:39

Look at the poetry of e.e.cummings. Some lovely idiocyncratic love poems (mostly quite short) which you can imagine fit very well with this scenario.

If you're not familiar with ee cummings read it out loud, it makes a LOT more sense than just looking at it on the page where it can appear rambling (believe me though its not).

Captain Corelli's Mandolin?

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