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Want to know what happens when you die?

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imaginative Thu 15-May-14 14:54:02

Just read a book by new author Sarah king. It's a thriller but not like anything else I've read. It's called Gods Inc. I really couldn't put it down. It's about a man who gets killed in a car crash and what happens to him after he dies. And how he finds out his wife (who he'd been all horrible to when he was alive) was being stalked by a killer and how he has to save her from beyond the grave. It is so thought provoking and moving. And full of twists. Just wow!

Anyway if you like a good fast paced thriller, this one is it.

Wow I will order it! Thanks for the rec!

imaginative Thu 15-May-14 15:43:26

Think it's only on kindle though. sad I wouldn't mind having paperback copy for the bookshelf. I like my kindle but I still find paperbacks easier in bed. When I find a good book I usually read it two or three times.

imaginative Sun 18-May-14 16:24:39

For the two people who pm'd me the link is. (Sorry phone would not let me reply.)

U2TheEdge Thu 22-May-14 16:54:32

Half way through this and it really is very good!

NadiaWadia Thu 22-May-14 21:01:30

I read the sample on kindle. It's an interesting idea, although the writing is a bit clunky (a little bit amateurish). I might borrow it on Prime library.

imaginative Fri 23-May-14 20:25:39

I didn't find it clunky at all. I just found it a really easy, fast moving and cracking read. I am still thinking about it now. Very different but in a good way. I read a lot of books and this one has really stood out.

NadiaWadia Sat 24-May-14 01:45:54

You did find the characters a bit clichéd then?

imaginative Sat 24-May-14 08:40:46

I haven't really thought about it to be honest. Main character is a bit of a 'dick' to start with, but also has mild OCD. But I like the way he redeems himself. I love fast moving thrillers. I don't like literary fiction so more a lover of a great story than fancy (some may say beautiful) writing. I go for a story well told rather than wading through beautifully written book with a rubbish story. Having said that, there is a load of tripe on Amazon at the minute. But this one, for me anyway, is the cream.

imaginative Tue 27-May-14 17:23:09

Just seen this is also out in paperback. smile

imaginative Mon 09-Jun-14 08:17:25

Did you finish this, U2TheEdge?

U2TheEdge Mon 09-Jun-14 08:51:43

Yep. I loved it smile

The writing and editing is poor but I loved it anyway. I thought it was very interesting and I hope it isn't true grin

imaginative Mon 09-Jun-14 09:36:46

No, it isn't literary fiction. But that's one of the things I love about it. I think if someone is into literary fiction, they would hate it. If they like a fast moving intelligent story, they would love it.

NadiaWadia Thu 12-Jun-14 19:01:46

I enjoy both literary writing and genre fiction. I like to have both a good story and good writing. Don't think that is too much to ask. If the writing doesn't flow smoothly, it irritates me and can detract from my enjoyment of the story.

I was just being honest in my opinion of the sample, but I do understand it is hard out there for new writers (are you a friend of the author, imaginative - you seem very keen?). I was going to borrow it on the Amazon Prime library, maybe next month, but the way you are pushing it is actually putting me off!

imaginative Mon 16-Jun-14 12:05:45

Of course I'm very keen. I really enjoyed the book and I don't seem to enjoy that many nowadays. Too many books covering the same old stories over and over with no originality. I found this book refreshing, and different that is all, and wanted to tell people about it. I also started a thread about another book that I loved called 'The Lie of You,' by Jane Lythall, but I guess you will accuse me of being her friend as well? grin No one responded to that thread though. However, from your responses, you would obviously hate 'Gods Inc', which is your prerogative of course, so I wouldn't bother borrowing it.

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