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Room - upsetting?

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pirateparty Sun 23-Jan-11 15:39:11

Just want to know if this book is going to upset me greatly in my hormonal pregnant state? It looks fab from the reviews and I definitely want to read it at some point but should I postpone it until I'm a bit less - well, hormonal?

I know it sounds stupid, but I get disproportionately upset by anything remotely sad at the moment (and have a small ds and anything to do with children is especially likely to involve a lot of tears) and will happily put it off until later if someone thinks it might set me off!

OhGood Tue 14-May-13 16:10:57

It's brilliant, and (ultimately) more uplifting than upsetting - but I too am pregnant and can't read anything even vaguely remotely upsetting, so I say avoid.

TheRealFellatio Wed 01-May-13 18:46:49

We read it at our book club - I thought it was incredible; very touching, and uplifting and positive overall, despite its very harrowing subject. but there were one or two of who found it too difficult a subject to read about and did not enjoy it at all.

Michiem Sat 23-Jul-11 07:28:57

I really enjoyed room, think it was very cleverly written. Hadn't heard anything about it before I read it and got sucked in quite quickly. Have recommended it to friends but they've read the reviews and are basically scared to read it.

coolbeans017 Wed 06-Jul-11 13:59:00

Heres a good review:

I enjoyed the book. I do think it dragged on a bit in the middle when you were waiting for something to happen and not great ending but thought provoking and well worth a read.

melliebobs Sat 14-May-11 19:14:34

i read this a couple of month ago. If anything it's a happy kinda sad!

ash6605 Thu 12-May-11 21:50:39

I'm actually finding it quite boring, I'm about 3/4 the way through and no matter how much I want to like it I'm finding it duller by the day. I know I'm in the minority as so many people love it but just don't think it's for me sad

Dahlberg Thu 10-Mar-11 09:39:10

yep, very upsetting.
i had to jump to the end just to see that it turned out alright in the end ( it does). this is a brilliant and compelling book but definately post pregnancy material !

Jajas Fri 25-Feb-11 20:50:54

I didn't like it, gave it away as soon as I had finished it. Hated the beginning and the end wasn't much better! Mind you I find the subject matter extremely disturbing so guess I wasn't ever going to be its greatest fan.

Pixel Sun 20-Feb-11 18:02:37

My friend lent me this and I stayed up half the night because I couldn't put it down. The most harrowing bit I found was right at the end (don't want to spoil!) but that was only because it brought the rest of the book home iyswim. Otherwise, as others have said, it was quite cheerful in a strange way.

gallifrey Tue 15-Feb-11 17:59:40

I've just downloaded this book onto my Kindle and am about 15% of the way through. Not sure how I feel about it yet. I'm very curious as to what happens eventually and why they are in the room.

moodymama Sun 13-Feb-11 20:18:56

I didn't find it depressing at all. I can be badly affected by books but I found this was written in a very light way.

pink4ever Sat 12-Feb-11 19:58:17

I bought this yesterday and read it in a couple of hours.Thought the first half was ok-tbh didnt really find the narration of jack that believable. The second half was crap-totally unbelievable and far too "americanised" imo.
If anyone is looking for a book that really does linger in your mind(but in a good way) then please read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. Superb.

Haribojoe Wed 09-Feb-11 20:48:06

I enjoyed the book.

I marvelled at the way the Mum taught her son so much and structured his day with exercise, word games etc.

I also thought the "voice" of Jack was brilliantly written.

waybuloony Tue 08-Feb-11 19:24:59

I found it utterly depressing and it really affected my mood throughout the whole of January. I was given the book as a xmas present by my dad and weirdly it even made me feel slightly resentful that he should have chosen a book with such a disturbing theme.

I wouldn't recommend it, particularly if you're a SAHM and sometimes feel as if the walls are closing in....

Mind you - it could have affected me so badly cos I'm in early pregnancy with dc2...hadn't really linked the two until now!

BelligerentGhoul Tue 08-Feb-11 18:02:28

Not upsetting. V interesting.

I liked the first half much more than the second half though.

KittaKatta Tue 08-Feb-11 17:46:15

actually found it quite uplifting in a way, God does that make me seem weird?

shubiedoo Thu 27-Jan-11 18:41:57

I think what makes the book so good is exactly that it's not more disturbing, considering the subject matter. Through the eyes of a child, all kinds of things can seem normal.

kpdchudleigh Thu 27-Jan-11 18:40:53

And of course, I did mean READ in my previous post! Where oh where is the edit button?

kpdchudleigh Thu 27-Jan-11 18:39:34

Gosh, I was pondering whether this would be too difficult to reach, having lost my six year old two years ago I still struggle with my emotions.

However, having read the reassuring posts here I can't wait to finish my current read and delve into this book. I'd start now, but stress means my brain is not smart enough to juggle two stories these days! Going to have to get an early night with my book.

sugared Thu 27-Jan-11 01:39:26

Such a brillant read, read it in six hours last night couldn't bear to put it down, it had me gripped from the very start!

Can't wait for the web chat

pirateparty Tue 25-Jan-11 21:17:56

Thanks for that everyone. I am going to give it a go!

TheReturnoftheSmartArse Mon 24-Jan-11 10:50:16

The main character/narrator is a cheerful little soul and knows nothing other than the inside of his room, so it isn't distressing at all because he doesn't find his situation difficult.

Great book!

TillyBookClub Mon 24-Jan-11 10:44:05

I'm hearing you, pirateparty: am 41 weeks pregnant and I have a five year old son called Jack, which makes the whole process even more daunting. But am finding the book fine as long as I don't read it at night before going to bed. Somehow it is much more do-able in daylight.

Looking forward to the chat on Feb 16, will be a great book to discuss...hope you can all join us

Chocaholica Mon 24-Jan-11 09:02:21

It hung around in my head, too, but not in a particularly negative way, more that it really made me think about what children need, and how we give it to them, and what it means to be a mother.
Had it been written from Ma's perspective I suspect it would be much more harrowing. Jack's perspective on the room is so different, it isn't just sad, it's also very thought-provoking, and there is positive strength there too.

mrbearn Sun 23-Jan-11 19:05:13

Actually I feel quite disturbed by it and want to start something else straight away to get the subject matter out of my head. I get very affected by books too Marlinspike.

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