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Anyone seen the new Harry Potter film?

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wintersnow Sun 21-Nov-10 17:51:56

What's it like?!?!

BeckyBendyLegs Sun 21-Nov-10 18:54:55

I liked it, DH didn't think much of it. I liked it because it was slow and a bit more thoughtful rather than just wizzy around oooh oooh action. It's had very mixed reviews.

BelligerentGhoul Sun 21-Nov-10 18:58:25

There's a thread in Movie Reviews. It's good - very staged and lots of brooding around in sweepingly beautiful but depressing landscapes.

susitwoshoes Sun 21-Nov-10 18:58:32

I liked it, DP not so sure but he hasn't read them and was puzzled about a few things that will be explained in the next one, so he felt it didn't work as a film in it's own right, which is fair enough.

I think it's quite a difficult book to film cos what I liked in the first half of book is the struggle and monotony and hopelessness of what they're trying to do - which as a film would be pretty dull.

AIBU to really quite fancy Ron these days??? He's very good in it. Daniel Radcliffe needs to be a whole lot angrier IMO.

wintersnow Sun 21-Nov-10 19:07:42

I couldn't find the movie section blush

PureBloodMuggle Sun 21-Nov-10 19:12:12 otter-and-the-Deathly-Hallows-who-has-seen-it-and- what-did-you-think

Though I didn't think to check for another one!!!

Ripeberry Sun 21-Nov-10 19:22:52

It was OK, very dark and depressing, would not take kids under 7yrs old though.
Quite horrific in places, but lovely brooding landscapes.
Was annoyed that their 'tent' was nothing like as described in the book sad

wintersnow Sun 21-Nov-10 19:49:53

Ripeberry ha! I was looking forward to seeing what the tent looked like too!

Ripeberry Mon 22-Nov-10 22:03:02

Looked like something left over from a Scout camp and the inside of it was dire!

Jux Mon 22-Nov-10 22:10:48

I thought it was very like the book - long periods where nothing much happens and a few short moments of excitement. Dull dull dull. DD was bored and disappointed too.

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