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Can anyone tell me what weightwatchers is like these days, compared to the days before pro points?

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spad Tue 19-Apr-16 13:13:38

What foods do you have to weigh?

Thank you.

Bringiton2016 Tue 19-Apr-16 13:16:56

I guess you're weighing carbs: rice, pasta, chips, potatoes or cereal. If you use the same bowl you can start to measure by sight.

spad Tue 19-Apr-16 13:27:35

I know they have changed their diet a lot and am I right in thinking it is more like Slimming World? Do you reckon it is easier to follow now than in the old days?

Bringiton2016 Tue 19-Apr-16 17:34:18

There are two types of WW diet. One where you count points and one where you can eat what you like from a set list, so more like sw. I have no experience of that so someone else will need to advise.

AllTheUsernamesAreTaken3 Wed 18-May-16 22:13:34

I've done WW three times. Smart Points is my least favourite. They've gone down the healthy eating road. I join WW to lose weight and the healthy-eating side is not their business.
Fruit used to be pointed, and rightly so, since a banana contains 105 kcals. Now it's all free, presumably to keep you off biscuits, even though a digestive biscuit only contains 73. Most non-starchy vegetables are free, except sweetcorn (my favourite!) - half a can has 73 kcals, whilst celeriac, which is free, has 66.

If you are choosing foods to lose weight by, you want the points to reflect that. WW have decided to go Nanny-state and shove you into a health-farm regime. I have lost a stone so I'm not saying it doesn't work; just that I lost it hell faster on ProPoints. I wish I'd kept all the books now.

2016Bambino Sat 21-May-16 08:51:56

I love the new Smart Points. I'm losing well and not craving sweet stuff like I always have on previous WW diets. I always thought they relied too much on processed food and sugar in the past.

OhMyGoddess Tue 24-May-16 15:51:17

This is interesting. I am joining WW on Thursday after the last straw came at weekend <hangs head in shame>

The last time I did it was about 7 years ago and I lost over 3.5 stones, which I have put back on, and more angry

Must say I feel a bit put off reading AllTheUsernames post! Would anyone care to share their experience? I will use any excuse to not go on Thursday so feel free to kick me up the metaphorical arse smile

Cindefuckingrella Wed 25-May-16 22:51:08

To be honest I would avoid. I joined in January for 3 months and whilst I did lose weight, it was a bad experience from start to finish and from what I saw lots of people disliked the new points plan, the website and app never seemed to work or be easy to use, the group leader was not on the ball at all and the customer services is APPALLING! I signed up on a deal - lose 10lbs in 8 weeks and get a 2 months refund- I lost it in 5 weeks and despite numerous emails and calls to them since February they have fobbed me off repeatedly saying it was being processed and I have today only just got my money back from my credit card company! Luckily I had a recent email from them mentioning my refund as, had I not, the credit card company would not have been able to act as 120 days (of being fobbed off) had passed. So beware.

However if you really did want to try the plan, if you can get hold of one of their calculators on eBay or something you can work out your points allowance, the points in food and track your daily points. You can probably get hold of the books to. That's all you need for just a few £. But you'd need to go it alone and I know that's not for everyone.

Missushb Fri 27-May-16 07:50:39

Smart points is really good. Not sure how diet can be slagged off for encouraging health eating. You should join, I think the weekly weigh in helps. Maybe by word of mouth or by trying it find a leader that's good, some have been better than others in my experience. Good luck with the weight loss !! X

Elsasalterego Fri 27-May-16 16:55:03

I like the new points system. I have lost 7 pounds in two weeks and being able to have a banana helps me loads. And I reckon I will be able to continue to keep the weight off which I failed to do 6 years ago when I last joined. I do the online plan and enjoy using the app although it can be a bit clunky

user1465334171 Tue 07-Jun-16 22:27:58

I love weight watchers!! I lost weight on pro points and lost more weight on smart points! I absolutely love the flexibility! I have lost 29pounds so far! I would definitely recommend weight watchers to everyone, I find the weekly weigh ins priceless!! I definitely need that accountability. The meeting talk is always good, so helpful hearing what works well for everyone!! My vote would be do it!!

Cindefuckingrella Tue 07-Jun-16 22:58:46

I guess people's experiences of weight watchers vary from group to group. I did lose weight, yes, but I've continued to lose weight without going to the meetings also. And as for the talks they were uninspiring and pretty useless. So I didn't see the point of basically paying someone to weigh me. But I think a lot of it is down to the leader so if you have a good one your experience may be much better than mine. I know someone that is still going to the same group and one week she put on a few pounds and the leader actually gasped. Just what you need hmm.

MrsJorahMormont Thu 09-Jun-16 09:59:48

I much prefer Smart Points to ProPoints (which I tried and gave up on quickly). Years ago I did old school WW and lost loads but the points got ridiculously low. Now they never drop below 30 dailies which is completely doable as long as you are sensible.

Saying that, I lost a stone, then stopped doing it for a good few weeks, and have just restarted. I kept off the stone though because I think I was just more conscious of what I was putting in my mouth.

My food for the day will be:

Brekkie: Cheese and tomato omelette (6)

Lunch: Fajita soup masses of it (4)

Dinner: Spag Bol with 225g cooked pasta (14)

Still leaves me with 6 points which is enough for a treat or some toast with brekkie and a small treat. I rarely bother pointing milk in coffee so have a couple of cups during the day.

CamembertQueen Thu 09-Jun-16 10:04:52

I have done pro points and it is brilliant. A digestive may have less calories than a banana, but the way each impacts your body is completely different. I like this approach as it taught me to eat healthier thus keeping the weight off. It is easy to calorie restrict and eat fewer calories and loose the weight. But I think this is were many peoples downfall is after they come off the plan. At least with pro points the way you eat is sustainable afterwards.

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