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How do you work out propoints???

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Mrspebble Tue 05-Nov-13 21:01:18

Hello I was a gold member many years ago.
I cannot figure out how to calculate new points. I would like to know the value of a medium jacket potato and also a scoop of mash.

Cannot get a suitable app either. Thank you

bimbabirba Sun 10-Nov-13 19:01:51

Hi, the easiest way is to get a pro points calculator on Ebay like this one
A medium jacket is at least 10 pro points, but largely depends on the topping.
HTH smile

mrssmith79 Tue 19-Nov-13 17:52:30

Sooo complicated compared to the old system but i've found that, as a rough guide, 1 pp is approx. 40 calories.
Also, if you're no longer a member, try a search on either the ww community message boards (free to use), the minimins ww board or just Google 'propoints medium baked potato' (make sure you disregard the American results.

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