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Pilates - what do I need to take?

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purpleturtle Sun 10-Jul-05 18:50:13

Shamed into it by the thread about the size you are - and the fact that somebody asked me when my baby was due this morning - I have just booked my very first ever Pilates class for tomorrow morning. Choice of exercise based on the availability of classes while both children are in nursery. Do I need to take anything in particular with me, do you think?

Earlybird Sun 10-Jul-05 19:19:13

Just wear something comfortable like a t-shirt, socks and some sort of leggings/jogging trousers that you can move in without being restricted. Good luck, and well done for booking the class.

purpleturtle Sun 10-Jul-05 19:25:34

Thanks. I have a bit of a deal with exercise of any kind, thanks to being useless at all sports, yet the offspring of 2 PE teachers! I developed a good line in messing about at the back of the class/far end of the playing fields, which, I discovered at aqua natal sessions has stayed with me. Hopefully, the others won't be led easily astray, and I might even concentrate tomorrow.

Did you see that pig with wings?

Earlybird Mon 11-Jul-05 15:20:47

How did it go? I've been doing Pilates for about 12 years (off and on) and love it. It's very subtle, but you'll see results if you keep at anything I suppose!

purpleturtle Wed 13-Jul-05 01:35:36

Hello - just found this on Threads I'm On! I enjoyed it. Managed not to disrupt the class, coped with the basic stuff (and left anything else well alone!), and I think I'll go back next Monday.

Shame I've waited till the children are about to break up isn't it?! I'm not sure I'd risk an evening class yet. Too many young and beautiful people I imagine. Monday morning's set is more middle-aged!

Do you know anything that'll sort my tummy out instantly? It's the keeping at it that'll be my downfall!

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