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Some motivating thoughts needed, please!

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dinny Sun 19-Jun-05 07:07:02

Need an almighty kick up the bum to get started on my diet properly - only have 5 weeks before I go back to work and HAVE to lose a stone (else work clothes won't fit)! How did you get started on a diet? How can I stop my evening munchies, short of wiring my jaw? Thanks, Dinny

mandyc66 Sun 19-Jun-05 07:09:03

what diet are you trying?
I do my own low fat thing and it works for me!!
I stuck for a couple of weeks though but seem to be back on track again. I never get hungry on it so might work for you.

dinny Sun 19-Jun-05 07:22:39

just trying to cut out the crap! can't get stareted!

mandyc66 Sun 19-Jun-05 07:24:42

as I said I try the low fat so on an evening when yu feel peckish you can have cereal toast yoghurt..low fat pizza...low fat chips. Rice crackers.............

dinny Sun 19-Jun-05 07:44:05

will try it, ta! I am so good all day and then literally undo it all in under two hours in the evening. Very annoyed with self!

mandyc66 Sun 19-Jun-05 10:26:01

I used to buy mini chocolate bars..funsize. then if I had a really good day allow myself a treat!! Dont do that now though, I usually have some boiled sweets in cupboard for a sweet fix!!!

dinny Mon 20-Jun-05 19:49:26


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