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weight watchers and training for a half marathon? anyone done it?

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tinatutor Fri 17-Jul-09 10:42:58

I'm injured at the moment but when i'm recovered i've decided I want to train for a half marathon. (i am a regular runner and done 2 before so not new to it)

However, i'm so overweight and my running only ever seems to keep me at my current weight. Have lost some inches but no weight.

So am thinking of joining WW and starting training.

Has anyone done this or similar? I always get fed up at WW when people say they've lost 5lbs because 'i've been walking round the block every night'...when I've run 6 miles 3x a week and lost 0.5lbs!

(sorry, went into a rant there)

just wondered if anyone had done 'serious' exercise on an 18/20 point diet?

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