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Im really upset, i want to go out today but none of my clothes fit, im too fat

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littleducks Mon 29-Jun-09 09:43:16

Ds is 14mths i was 11st7lbs this time last year and desperatley trying to loose weight from pregnancy

Im now 12st 12 lbs sad and have stopped bfing which used to make e hang onto weight

I feel like shit, im am seriosly posting this after trying on clothes for 40 min and nothing fitting

I had been wearing maternity jeans blush buts its too hot and the trousers that do fit need washing sad

I have been diagnosed with a polyp but i dont know if that could be making my tummy stick out a bit but even if it does i am very fat

HuffwardlyRudge Mon 29-Jun-09 09:48:14

Can you buy a few bits that fit you? Just cheapies so you feel better about youself. I think you need to be feeling better about yourself first to have the push to lose some weight.

Lizzylou Mon 29-Jun-09 09:57:08

I agree with Huff, my friend once commented that I only lost weight when I was feeling happy, she's right.

Longer term, do you do enough exercise? Or is it diet? I find that I have to address both in order to lose weight, I can't just exercise, makes no difference and exercise speeds up dieting effects.

Could you look at joining a Slimmers World or Weight watchers class?

I sympathise as I was a stone lighter last year and all my summer clothes are now a bit tight! I am trying to run and do exercise DVDs, as well as watch my food intake. It is a bit hot to eat much at the moment (and to exercise though!) so that is helping.

littleducks Mon 29-Jun-09 10:07:41

I was doing exercise classes but had to stop due to the gynae isssues, am still waiting to be seen at hosp

Really its both, i eat to much cake/choc etc as its my only treat, i currently cant do classes as the gym and dont have the time/childcare to do less strenous exercise (long walks) as it doesnt work with a three year old (in fact walking everywhere at 3 yr old pace may cause more probs than i think)

Im so hungry all the time too hmm

HuffwardlyRudge Mon 29-Jun-09 10:28:53

Have you tried food focus?

VelvetCushions Mon 29-Jun-09 20:11:17

I know how you feel. I hate the warmer weather as I never have anything to wear.

Go buy yourself a few items from a supermarket/primark/inexpensive shop that fit you and one nice item that is 1 size too small.
I just did that in the New Look sale and feel better about myself. The lovely summery top in size 12 is just a bit too snug but am hoping to fit into it soon. The other two I bought fit nicely and are quite flattering.

Will your 3 year old not sit in a buggy for long walks? Have you tried an exercise dvd? Or join up to Sparkpeople (free) and check out their exercise clips.

Ewe Mon 29-Jun-09 20:15:11

I know you won't believe me but you honestly look absolutely fine. I would never have guessed you weigh that much!

Could you pop down to Primark or New Look to get some cheap bits for summer? That way you won't be worried about losing weight and them not fitting anymore as they'll only be cheapie ones. Can you do long skirts/dresses?

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