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Weight Loss on Slimming World

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Gillian76 Mon 09-May-05 13:42:55

Thanks to everyone who replied to my somewhat dejected post yesterday. I am feeling a bit more positive today and have just about decided to give Slimming World a try.

If you have done it, how much weight did you lose? How quickly/slowly does it come off?

Also if I go to the class, I will have to bring my (almost) 2 year old. Do you think this will be OK? How long is the talk part of the class usually?


fairydust Mon 09-May-05 13:52:15

hi - i rejoined slimmng world last week and will sometimes have to take dd 0 did when i went before and they we're fine with it - if i do take dd i try and go later so that i'm not waiting round for them to start the talk.

i previously lost 2 stone in 3 months but have put it all back on but have faith i will loose it this time -

I'm really pleased i've rejoined and have got my first weigh in tonight.

Gillian76 Mon 09-May-05 13:54:01

Oh good for you fairydust! Good luck with the weigh in tonight

fairydust Mon 09-May-05 13:54:54

when are you gonig to join?

Gillian76 Mon 09-May-05 14:09:22

Plan is tomorrow morning! I've never done SW before. Just hope I can stick with it.

Gillian76 Mon 09-May-05 16:51:47

Does anyone know roughly how long the "talk" will last?

fairydust Tue 10-May-05 14:10:44


Gillian76 Tue 10-May-05 14:26:04

Yes fairy dust,I did go! Just need to get a shopping list together and I'm raring to go tomorrow

fairydust Tue 10-May-05 14:29:18

nice one - best of luck to you.

I lost 7lb last night for my first weigh in

Gillian76 Tue 10-May-05 15:04:36

Ooh well done you! That's inspiration

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