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Is anybody doing Rosemary Conley diet?

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applepudding Mon 18-May-09 22:19:10

Hi there - I have been recently following Slimming World and had lost 9 lb of the stone and a bit I wanted to lose, but I started cheating a bit, then a bit more - then I gave up and put 4 lb back on.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to pull myself together and start dieting again, and to do some calorie counting - helped by ready meals when DH was on nights in order to get me used to eating smaller meals. Anyway last week I bought a RC magazine and realised that the plan I'd worked out for myself was pretty much the same as the RC one, calorie counted, low fat, low GI.

I thought I'd look for a thread on MN as I liked the support on the SW one but there doesnt seem to be one here.

Is anybody else doing this eating plan or similar and how are you getting on?

butterfly74 Tue 19-May-09 22:15:57

Hi applepudding.
I'm doing RC's diet. I go to a club once a week for a weigh in and exercise. I've lost a stone and a half so far. It's a good diet but the thing that makes all the difference is the exercise and also using the portion pots that you get at the first meeting. I try and do the DVDs a few times a week as well. It feels silly leaping about in the living room but I feel better for it!
I have to admit to having fallen off the wagon over the past few weeks as I've not been able to go to the class. I reckon I have to go to that or I end up cheating!! Reading your post has made me feel guilty and made me realise that I need to knuckle down again, so thank you!

Good luck. Let me know how you get on.

Mutual support can work wonders smile

I see your DH works shifts. Mine does too. It can be harder to plan meals around that. I've finally persuaded him to have a go at it too grin

fraggletits Wed 20-May-09 07:59:05

Hi applepudding

I'm doing the RC diet. I have the GI Jeans book and a couple of her DVD's. I found her diet really effective last time I had weight to lose before having DD2, and I like her DVD's. They're good if you're a bit of a stranger to exercise!

I"m a week into the kick start diet (strict 2 week diet before starting normal diet) and things had been going well but then this morning I weighed myself and I have actually gained half a a pound sad

Felt like either giving up or starving myself today! But have decided to just carry on as normal.

Am thinking was it the 3 cans of diet coke and no water yesterday?

Good luck

butterfly74 Wed 20-May-09 13:59:39


Don't give up!

It sometimes takes a few days before it starts to show on the scales. Try weighing yourself in the morning. I definitely weigh more at night so always weigh in the morning before breakfast smile

1lb a week weight loss is equivalent to 3 and half stones in a year so it may not seem much but it soon adds up. grin

applepudding Wed 20-May-09 20:50:35

Hi again - I haven't done the kick start diet - I've seen this in a leaflet I had but I just know that I wouldn't stick to eating that little food. I've been following the diet roughly as it shows in the magazine (the calorie amounts you can eat at each meal and the types of food) and I have lost the weight I'd put back on again over the last few weeks so I'm quite happy about that, especially as I'm due on any day now and that normally puts at least two pounds back on.

Regarding weighing yourself I agree with what butterfly says about it taking a few days before your weightloss shows up on the scales.

There is a class not too far from me (about 5 miles but I have a car) which is on a Monday morning, the day I don't work and DS is at school so I'm planning to start that after the half term. We're going to Disneyland Paris next week, so plenty of walking around, but not too sure about the food!!

fraggletits Thu 21-May-09 10:35:58

Thanks Butterfly - I didn't give up - pulled myself together and just kept to water for drinks yesterday. Feel lighter today for it.

Was so gutted to see a slight gain because the kick start 2 weeks can be tough but I've never achieved the kick start before, it is only 2 weeks, it does go quite quickly, it's addictive seeing results.....and I've got to do it because I've got a wedding in June followed by a holiday!....(that's what I keep saying to myself over and over anyway!)

Won't weigh myself again now til Saturday morning I've decided.

Good luck everyone grin

butterfly74 Thu 21-May-09 21:17:19

Hi applepudding and fraggletits

Good luck with the weigh ins.
I go on a Wednesday morning as that's my day off work so will start properly again after half term too hmm
I'm eating lots of activia yoghurts at the moment to clear the system wink. Every little helps!!!! (sorry if TMI!)

I am going on holiday in August and sooo don't want to feel like Mrs Blobby by the pool!

Enjoy Disney applepudding.

Keep me posted

fraggletits Sat 23-May-09 09:19:38 that's another half pound gain this morning??

I don't get it - I've eaten virtually nothing these last 2 weeks.

I'm going to go low carb I think. I still rate Rosemary but I think my metabolism needs a proper kick start.

butterfly74 Sat 23-May-09 21:05:56

That must be very frustrating fraggletits Have you been eating enough?? Sometimes your body goes into starvation mode if you don't eat enough and you can gain a bit of weight.
Also mid cycle can be a time when you can be heavier. Just a thought.
Hope things improve smile
I've just eaten loads of BBQ tonight and dominos pizza + wine last night so not doing too well blush It was nice though!! wink

wangle99 Mon 25-May-09 19:00:37

Hi Ladies. I'm doing RC as well, following her book and magazines, did have an online membership but have let that lapse. Only been back doing it for a week (stressful time at mo and chocolate was just NEEDED lol).

I was beginning to think I was the only one doing it as never saw any posts on here about RC!

butterfly74 Tue 26-May-09 11:59:36

Hi wangle99

Stress and chocolate go hand in hand -enjoy!grin

Good luck with it though. Let us know how you get on.

fraggletits Tue 26-May-09 14:50:13

Thanks butterfly - I'm thinking I probably wasn't eating enough.

To compensate for my failure I have been happily tucking into lovely foods, chocs and wine!!!

Will start no carbs on thursday!

Good luck grin

butterfly74 Wed 27-May-09 18:44:48

How's everyone doing? smile

My DC's have turned into the little voices in my ear by constantly saying "You can't have that Mummy, you're on a diet" Arggggh I can't even cheat the diet in peace now grin

applepudding Fri 29-May-09 22:59:58

Hi there - Have just returned from my holiday - as I thought - lots and lots of walking but in general the kind of food you eat in desperation when you are really starving and there is nothing else around!

Its my DS birthday on Monday and I have a couple of days coming up of tea parties and meals out - so will start eating plan again on Tuesday!

EyeballshasBackBoobs Sun 07-Jun-09 16:11:25

I'm starting RC tomorrow evening. Did it a few years ago for my brother's wedding and lost 4 stone in 4.5 months so it really worked for me. It's definitely the exercise that makes the difference IMO.

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