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Which excercise equiptment?

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idobelieveinghosts Wed 08-Oct-08 13:40:32

I never have time to go to the gym now or in the near future but desperatley want to lose weight so i was thinking of hiring some sort of excercise machine from the hire shop (depending on costs)...

..what would be the best thing to use, cross-trainer...does that do all over body excercise/toning/whatever it does?? cycle machine???

Does anyone know what is best??


toobusytothink Wed 08-Oct-08 13:46:07

running machine definitely. Reason is that you have to support your own weight. It is by far the best way to burn fat at moderate speed or for fitness at higher speed. Even if you only want to walk, you can put it on an incline and that is still better than cross trainers etc. Burns loads of caleries. Good luck

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