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Cobra zero% beer. Anyone know how many calories in a bottle please?

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TsarChasm Thu 02-Oct-08 09:43:31

Any ideas?

I like this and gives a nice alternative to alcohol (which doesn't help my diet) but is it just as bad from a calorie pov?

geekgirl Thu 02-Oct-08 09:57:56

according to Wikipedia, there are 6.5g of carbs in a 330 ml bottle. 1g of carbs contains 4 calories, but only 26 calories for a bottle of beer doesn't sound right hmm
The Alcohol Free shop reckons that a bottle of non-alcoholic beer contains 80 calories, vs 90 in a normal beer.

TsarChasm Thu 02-Oct-08 10:02:48

Thanks for looking geekgirl. I saw the 6.5g carbs thing but couldn't understand what that meant.

Oh well, it's bound to be better for me than 13% red wine which is what I'd usually be drinking.

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