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weight watchers ....i am confused

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lucykatie Mon 28-Feb-05 22:12:30

i ahve been on ww for under a week and doing ok....but a bit confused i have been given 20 points which is fine, do i have to eat 5 portions of fruit as well as 20 points or do i include the fruit in with my points. i.e 20 points, have a bannana 1.0points so only 19 points left for day. well thats clear as mud isnt it....does anyone understand me.

squeezy Mon 28-Feb-05 22:21:15

I am also on weight watchers(unfortunately.need to get into that bikini fo my hols!!!!).Been on it for 7 weeks,lost 5.5 pounds so far.(3 off one week,2 on the next!!!!).You have to include the points value of your fruit into your daily allowance i.e. 20 points,scoff 1 bannana,18.5 left.What day do you get weighed?Keep in touch and we can spur each other on.Good luck.Think thin!!!!

lucykatie Mon 28-Feb-05 22:25:48

i get weighed on thursday morning.....before breakfast as doing ww online.
i have just had my second child and never bothered to diet with number one so this one has had terrible effects on waistline and all over really.
i was always a size 10 but had to but size 18 jeans recently and nearly jumped off nearest bridge but thought knowing me i would bounce back due to carrying all this weight....ha ha ha.

got to lose 3.5 stone i think, but doing ok so far.
how about you, yeah will look out for you and motivate each other.

mrsdoorframe Mon 28-Feb-05 22:47:32

I have put on a lot of weight since having my child.I too am a size 18. It is so depressing! Today I ate three cream cakes!I have little self control.Thinking about joining weight watchers.

lucykatie Tue 01-Mar-05 09:33:29

mrs door it, join us un the fight aghainst fat.
i never had any self control but was so sick of hating myself and body, joined ww and its great, i had a kit kat last night as i was allowed too, and i really enjoyed it instead of wolfing it down....please join i will be here to help.

Dior Tue 01-Mar-05 10:13:30

Message withdrawn

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