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Pedometer Club 2005 - week 8

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MadameButterfly Mon 28-Feb-05 10:11:43

Where is everyone this week?

My inbox is empty of results so I will just have to boast about mine.

My total this week is 109,890

Anyone else that wants to join is is more than welcome to.

Just count your steps from Saturday morning to Friday night and either post your results on the new thread that is started each Monday or email them to janreid2003 at yahoo dot co dot uk

coppertop Mon 28-Feb-05 10:20:40

39,538 for me this week.

I started off well but then was housebound with a contagious ds1. I doubt I'll ever get to 70,000+ but I'm determined to do better this week.

yoyo Mon 28-Feb-05 10:28:50

MB - that's fantastic, well done.

I managed 105674 in the end (never did get to the gym). Disaster struck on Saturday when DS decided he wanted to play with mummy's "pooter" and yanked it off my belt snapping the clip. I managed to put it back but it fell down the loo!! It still works but must go and get the Boots one today (is the clip quite strong MB?).

Gwenick Mon 28-Feb-05 10:29:37

53350 for me - not bad I suppose.

MadameButterfly Mon 28-Feb-05 10:46:19

Yeah, I beat yoyo.

Sortry to hear that you clip has broken. The boots one I have is vwery strong. When we first started this up I got my pedometer from argos but got thru 2 0r 3 very quickly as the clip was very poor. I have now had this one for anout 6 or 7 months without any accident, even though my DD enjoys trying to pull it off.

Earlybird Mon 28-Feb-05 12:13:02

MB and yoyo - you are an inspiration, and I still don't know how you do it!

My total this week: 56,320. Not bad, not great.

Tommy Mon 28-Feb-05 12:40:01

Hi - my total this week is
which is not bad but not as good as last week. Weekdays are better than weekends usually and we didn't do any long walks last week - too cold!
Well done everyone!

Posey Mon 28-Feb-05 20:20:56

Blimey, there's some impressive totals.
I'm more wih everyone else, my total for the week was 53,572. Not bad!

Dingle Tue 01-Mar-05 09:33:46

Sorry, my total is really worth the waiting for!!
Only managed 43,273. I haven't made a note of my previous weeks so I am going to go back and see if I have improved at all!! Well - I live in hope!
I will do better this week!

coppertop Tue 01-Mar-05 09:39:08

You still did better than me, Dingle.

<attaches pedometer to count her steps as she slinks off in shame>

Dingle Tue 01-Mar-05 09:39:18

Just looked, my totals so far have been 37,000 then 40,000 and now 43,000.

Is there anyone else in this sort of range that would like a little push with me to do over 50,000 this week. (she says jumping off her chair and jogging around!!)

If not I'll make it my own personal goal!

rickman Tue 01-Mar-05 09:47:45

Message withdrawn

coppertop Tue 01-Mar-05 09:50:40

Rickman - I got mine from John Lewis. Camping shops do them too and so do Boots. Welcome!

Dingle - My totals always seem to be pretty feeble compared to everyone else. I'll join you in aiming for 50,000.

<she types while marching on the spot>

Dingle Tue 01-Mar-05 09:54:23

Great CT, hopefully we can boost each other along a bit!!

she whispers....what have you done so far?

coppertop Tue 01-Mar-05 09:58:25

I've had 2 good days of 10,000+ and an awful day of less than 2,500 this week.

22,584 from Saturday - Monday night.

Dingle Tue 01-Mar-05 10:07:45

OMG!! I tend to have awful weekends as we are decorating and haven't really been out much, and I didn't even go to the school once yesterday!! I was having my hair done in the afternoon so I just sat on my backside all afternoon!!

I am only on 13,567. Right got 2 more school runs today, I'll aim to get to at least 31,000 by tonight!

Dingle Tue 01-Mar-05 10:09:04

oops, that should have been 21!!!

coppertop Tue 01-Mar-05 10:11:52

I've only got that many because I was so determined not to have another really bad week. My average is about 5,000-6,000 in a day.

MadameButterfly Tue 01-Mar-05 10:16:33

I think I do so well as I don't drive, so I have not got the option of getting into the car and driving to the shops or playgroup. I have to either walk or catch the bus.

I have done about 37,000 so far this week.

Rickman, I have this pedometer from boots

coppertop Tue 01-Mar-05 10:22:43

We have no car either. I think part of the problem is that the school and the shops are all relatively close to where we live.

MadameButterfly Tue 01-Mar-05 10:24:47

The shops are about 15 minutes walk from us and DD's playgroup is 10-15 minutes in the other direction. The bus stop is about 5 munites walk

Posey Tue 01-Mar-05 20:42:22

I still find it surprising my normal walking doesn't equate to more. I rarely use the car.
Dd's school however is under 500 steps (thats there and back, not each way!)
I am now in training for the moonwalk, and getting into the slightly more serious stuff. I'm now on week 4 of my training programme and did a great 6 mile power walk on Monday in 90 minutes. Am trying to maintain 4 mph over longer distances. Anyway trying to fit walks around dh's work so he can have ds, but hope to fit another biggish one in before the weekend.

Dingle Wed 02-Mar-05 10:14:24

How is everyone doing?? Coppertop??

Didn't hit 21,000 last night, but did manage to reach 20. Just checked and I'm now at 23 with another 2 school runs to do. That's unless they close the school and DS comes home with dd when the nursery finishes at lunchtime!! It is the worst day of snow we have had so far, roads blocked, still coming down thick and fast and by the looks of the sky, we have plenty more to come!
Don't think I'll be doing much leisurely walking outside today! do you think my ped counts slips and slides!

coppertop Wed 02-Mar-05 10:22:31

You're a good influence, Dingle. I managed to do 10,000 steps yesterday. That's a huge amount for me.

Ds1's school has been closed today so I can't rely on the school run/walk to bump my total up. Instead I'm trying to march on the spot while ds1 and ds2 look at me as though I've completely lost my marbles. Thankfully dh is at work so can't laugh at me.

Dingle Wed 02-Mar-05 10:29:02

DH and me were in fits of laughter last night as I marched on the spot before jumping into bed!! I knew there was no way I'd hit 21 but I wanted to at least hit the 20 mark!! At least it gives me some chance of hitting the 50 by Friday then, but I will have to do 10,000 a day now....
Well done CT.

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