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I am reeeeaaaalllllllllyyyyyyyyy struggling, PLEASE help

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BubblesDeVere Thu 17-Feb-05 09:44:08

As you all know, I have started on plan again this year and so far I have lost 15lb. Up to now I have done really well, I went away last week and even did well whilst there. But, since I have come back I am struggling, yesterday was horrendous from 5pm onwards, I ate everything I could and then had a homemade curry.

Once again today I have woken feeling guilty about what I've eaten and how I've let people down who are supportive of me.

I am a bit down in the dumps as 'a friend' says that we are not a normal family because the kids always have a cold or virus etc, my youngest is quite poorly with an eye, chest and ear infection, so is clingy, the only reason she isn't hanging to me now is becuase she is cuddling dh. I have pulled a muscle in my back and in quite a bit of pain, especially when I bend down and its totm and I am also in alot of pain with that aswell.

I KNOW I have another 9 stone to lose and need to do it for my health, but at the minute I am sat here wondering whether I can really do it.

Any words of wisdom? Sorry for the long rant, but I needed to get it out of my system.

BubblesDeVere Thu 17-Feb-05 09:46:05

On top of all this, I am struggling with a 5 year old who is going through a very disobedient, cheeky and obnoxious stage.

Newbarnsleygirl Thu 17-Feb-05 09:53:49


It's not wrong to have a treat every now and then is it?

coppertop Thu 17-Feb-05 09:58:15

Your 'friend' is wrong! It's perfectly normal for children to keep getting colds and viruses etc. It's how they build up their immunity! In our house at the moment ds1 has the sticky eyes, sore throat and cough, ds2 has the sickness bug and dh has got a mixture of the two.

You're allowed to have time off now and then. Last week I ate at Burger King, had 3 crumpets with butter and also had some chocolate.

You can do it, Bubbles!

jangly Thu 17-Feb-05 09:59:44

I do feel for you Bubblesdevere. But you are a normal family you know. With some kids if they get a cold it just seems to go everywhere from the waist up! We've had bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, appendix - you name it, with ours (not all at once!!) Doesn't mean you're not normal. Its more diifficult losing weight with little ones in the house because you've got to have some nice things in for them. All I can suggest is, only get their stuff in on a daily basis so that they eat it straight away. Don't keep tempting things in the cupboard! The only way I can lose weight is not have fattening things in the house - if I get a packet of biscuits in, its me who eats most of them! Give yourself some treats from non- fattening ranges, like Go-ahead. "Light" hot cross buns are good and don't have much fat. If you have a bun, cut out a slice of bread. You probably do all this anyway. Keep on with it - you've done so well so far!!

Lonelymum Thu 17-Feb-05 10:13:59

Is a skinny rake allowed to join in here or is this exclusively for the people trying to lose weight?

I just wanted to say BDV that 15lb is a trememndous amount to lose in what? 6 weeks? You have done very well. From what I understand, the weight loss does become harder after an initial period of success. I don't know what you have been doing so far to lose weight, but whatever it is, keep it up as it has been working. Remember to drink lots of water as this is good for you and fills you up quite a lot. You must have the odd treat to cheer you up, just make sure it is only occasional.
Your firend is completely wrong. It is normal for small children to have loads of small bugs, and as they get older, these will lessen as their immunity strengthens.

Bozza Thu 17-Feb-05 10:16:42

Bubbles - today is another day. You can do the diet. And at least you had a homemade curry and not a takeaway And 15lb is really great in 7 weeks - 2lb a week is good news.

Agree with the others that normal families do get illnesses. My kids have always got something - thats because they have both gone to nursery as babies. DS is much better now because his immunity has built up. Agree with your quotes round 'a friend' BTW.

Dior Thu 17-Feb-05 10:58:55

Message withdrawn

champs Thu 17-Feb-05 17:44:21

hi bubbles!!
just adding to all the suport here, You have done brilliantly and you should concentrate on that rather than beating your self up over a few treats. I have had plenty af bad days and years to boot feeling so low it's no wonder you have turned to food for comfort, it's often what we big gals do. how about getting some low fat, healthy goodies in so that if you feel like a treat oy van just have one of them.

As for friends comment you are not only a normal family but like all the families I know. For one thing the colds your kids have are not all the same so for instance today one may have cold b next month maybe cold a and then a diff cold another time. also if your kids go to school or group then they will get even more colds/bugs. If you wish to be more secure in this you can make sure they have good intake of vitamin c.

BubblesDeVere Sat 19-Feb-05 12:31:40

Well, I really really don't know how i've done it, but, after a disastrous week on the slimming front, I have maintained.

I am going to start back on plan tomorrow, dh is treating me to a meal tonight as I feel quite rough and he is wanting to cheer me up.

I am thinking though, that I might try Paul McKenna diet for a couple of week and see how that goes, if I don't think it is any good for me then it will be back to weight watchers.

Demented Sat 19-Feb-05 12:56:31

You've done really well Bubbles. I agree with the others who say that it doesn't matter as long as you get back to it, as you have seen yourself you didn't even put any weight on, bet this week when you are back on track you will lose again.

As far as ill children go my DS1 seemed to be permanently down with a cold when he was little but now he rarely gets anything, the Dr I spoke to about him said it was good for him to get everything and it would build up his immunity.

champs Sat 19-Feb-05 15:10:17

see weren't so bad!! enjoy meal tonight dh sounds like he's thinking bout you more now.
agree with dior next week will be better and you can tell us all about your loss.

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