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Same menu every day?

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orangejuicer Thu 08-Oct-20 20:14:21

A bit demented perhaps but hear me out. I need to get back some control over my diet (and actually lose some bastard weight) so I thought I could maybe have the same menu (or maybe 3 at the most) every day for the next couple of weeks. This would remove any thought processes or planning - I have very little free time and am struggling. Any thoughts? Anybody do this?

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Diemme Thu 08-Oct-20 23:49:52

I've actually thought about doing this. My husband's always been slim and he grew up doing this. It wasn't deliberate and he could have had other things if he'd wanted them but it was just a habit he got into. Choosing what to eat wasn't a thing. Breakfast was 2 shredded wheat, lunch was a cheese sandwich, a ham sandwich and a few tomatoes and dinner was meat and 2 veg followed by a piece of his mums homemade cake. We've talked a few times about how boring it sounds but he never questioned it. It never occurred to him to snack.

orangejuicer Fri 09-Oct-20 06:49:14

I wish I was like that sometimes! My DP is the same- basically the same food every day, food as fuel etc (except when it comes to chocolate of course).

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