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purplechairandcat Fri 28-Aug-20 21:57:59

This feels quite sensitive to post but bear with me.

I've struggled with overeating for years and have very recently started on a proper mission to tackle it. It's been 1.5 months now. I've actually been doing really well which is quite exciting but my sex drive is..... gone. Completely. My partner and I lived with their parents for the first two weeks in between moving out of one house and getting another ready and I didn't feel comfortable having sex in someone else's house so I put it down to that. But we've been living at the new place for a month now and there's been no change. We've had sex twice in the month we've been here which is a lot less than usual and I feel awful for my partner (who fortunately has been wonderful and understanding as per usual).

Has anyone else dealt with this as a side effect of working on their eating habits? Is this normal and does it finally go back to the way it was? sad

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