Are fat monitoring scales worth it?

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succulentsue Tue 14-Jul-20 18:44:27

My bog standard Salters have broken, so many scales now seem to have lots of added extras. Is it worth or and are they accurate?
I'm slowly losing weight with diet and exercise but don't want to be too obsessed?
Any opinions or recommendations? £50 is the top of my budget. Thanks

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Krapom Tue 14-Jul-20 18:49:16

Not worth it in my experience. The readings vary so much everyday for everything other than weight and BMI, it makes me think the rest is BS. Some little pixie sitting in there plucking numbers out the air. Mine we’re reasonably expensive, so unless your spending a great deal of money I don’t think you’ll get accuracy.

I’d get a good set of Salter again - that’s what I wish I’d done!

Krapom Tue 14-Jul-20 18:50:03

Were and you’re 🤦🏻‍♀️

Oxyiz Tue 14-Jul-20 18:51:58

I use these ones: - they sync through an app that then syncs to my Fitbit app.

I personally find them really useful as they seem to estimate things like body fat and muscle too.

I guess I don't really know how accurate they are though, I have no way to compare!

11stoneTess Tue 14-Jul-20 19:08:43

I have nokia/withings body scales - I dont think they are accurate for anything other than weight.

It is nice that it syncs to fitbit and loseit.

succulentsue Wed 15-Jul-20 07:16:15

Thank you, it back to basics I think.

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Beatricemom89 Wed 15-Jul-20 08:51:42

I bought Mi Body Scale 2, it's priced 80$ but I think there is a cheaper one. They count not only but totally gives your body mark 1-100. I am glad about it because I can see not only my weight but also my body condition, and now when my weight is bigger than earlier, my body has a better mark. It helps understand that weight doesn't matter really. It shows your fat, water, muscle levels, recommend your perfect weight.


PowerslidePanda Wed 15-Jul-20 09:28:46

I know you can also measure body fat with callipers and they're quite cheap on Amazon. Anybody got any experience of it?

Hazelnutlatteplease Wed 15-Jul-20 09:30:44

Absolutely useless ime.

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