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Weight loss plan

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CleverQuacks Tue 26-May-20 18:18:14

I am morbidly obese and incredibly unfit, I get breathless going upstairs. I look in the mirror and hate what I see. I am sick of not being to buy the clothes that I love because they don’t go up to my size. I really need to change things.

I am currently 25 weeks pregnant so can’t do anything drastic to lose weight yet. I am trying to eat more fruit and veg and move around more but that’s about my limit.

However once the baby is here I am determined to do something about my weight. I have seen adverts on tv for plans that send you all your food for a month. This isn’t shakes etc but actual food. Has anyone tried this? Did it work? I have very little will power but think something like this would make things a lot easier.

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missingmum Tue 26-May-20 22:32:26

Op I really wouldn't put off waiting to lose weight until the baby comes, I would start right now!
You need to get into good habits now, so that when baby comes along you'll have some good eating habits and will be less likely to break them, you'll be even more exhausted and sleep deprivation isn't helpful when trying to lose weight.

Has your midwife / consultant offered any support?

missingmum Tue 26-May-20 22:40:13

Also I say this from experience that I actually got fatter AFTER my babies blush whist during my pregnancies I didn't gain more than the recommended weight gain, after each of my children were born I put on 3-4st, which I'm struggling to lose and my "baby" is now 4 🤣

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