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Any one else trying a Chloe Ting challenge?

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blubberball Tue 26-May-20 05:54:55

Loads of free work outs on you tube, where you need no equipment at all. This suits me. I am trying a 2 week ab challenge, and then I'm excited to try more. Any one else checked out Chloe Ting?

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Rupertpenrysmistress Tue 26-May-20 07:34:06

No but I might now. Really need to do something. Thanks for the tip.

blubberball Tue 26-May-20 07:47:00

No worries. Let us know how you get on. smile

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itchyfinger Thu 28-May-20 20:15:39

I've done her videos before but haven't taken on a proper challenge yet. I may do tomorrow though after stepping on the scales the first time since lockdown today!!

justwow1 Wed 01-Jul-20 22:04:43

How did you get on? I've just started this challenge. Xxx

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