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Joe wicks alternative at the weekend?

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pennysays Fri 01-May-20 21:54:56

I've managed to do JW most days because of the live stream element - having a set time to join in.

Any classes or live streams happening at the weekend mornings that you know/ recommend?

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FlowerArranger Fri 01-May-20 22:03:53

Not live, but available any time:

Enjoy wink

KatyPerrysMustang Fri 01-May-20 22:49:28
Live classes every day

KatyPerrysMustang Fri 01-May-20 22:50:45
Live classes every day except Saturdays

SusieSusieSoo Fri 01-May-20 23:00:12

Can you not do one of his other workouts op there are blooming loads on YouTube x

pennysays Sat 02-May-20 03:10:10

Thanks all. I know there are millions of workouts on YouTube. It is something about the live stream at 0900 that makes me do it when at the weekends I can just put it off for an hour (and then never do it). So I hoped there would be someone doing something live on Saturdays or Sundays too.

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