Diet!! I need insperation😭

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Oceanrae Wed 22-Jan-20 07:50:54

Hi everyone , I’m currently looking for ANYONE with ideas tips that helped them loose weight?? I am currently nearly 16st I literally used to be 10st but I had 2 children close in age (1&2 years old) and I cannot loser the belly or my arms and because my arms have got chunky it makes me look so wide I hate it! I feel unattractive and most times I want to leave my partner because im insecure about myself and think he could or would do better than me , I did a slimming world diet for about 4 weeks and lost about 6lb I cut sugar out my tea’s and ate fruit and homemade meals but I went on holiday and started binging like a idiot , it’s hard becuase I have children that don’t eat the same as me or my partner and we eat when they go to bed as we can never enjoy our tea at the same time as them , and when I made healthy things my partner didn’t like them so it’s like ide have to make 4 meals and then I couldn’t be bothered making my own after doing all that so I ended up not eating or eating crap?! I need to loose 4st for summer , I was wearing jumpers last sumemr and leggings i was that insacure people looked at me stupid! I want to feel good I need that motivation?! Please someone help me!

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elsaandanna Wed 22-Jan-20 12:18:29

I put a thread in chat today that I can't seem to get started with a diet.
I'm not sure where motivation comes from.
If I could just get started.

What was the reason for your previous success?
Do you feel better lighter? ( not just look better)

Oceanrae Wed 22-Jan-20 13:34:27

@elsaandanna hey girl! , my previous reason was I was very very depressed and it was summer I me and I was stood in jumpers , I’m a very well dressed person I do like high end things and everyone sees my in the expensive things but it was so embarrassing when I looked so stupid in a jumper and leggings didn’t look like I took care of myself or anything , I looked on slimming world and started making all the food they put down but it was really tricky because I’m the most fussy person ever with food I have ocd and things need to be cut in squares and most foods I really don’t like! , after I seen the pounds drop I got more excited to loose more I couldn’t physically see my weight loss but people told me I looked like I lost weight I need to get back into i I just have NO motivation at all😭

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ACheekyFinger Wed 22-Jan-20 13:38:51

Do slimming world again. If your partner won't get on board, he can make his own meals. But you can have spag Bol, curries, burgers, sausages, loads of other pasta dishes all on slimming world. Fill up on veg too. Go walking. Do couch to 5k.

I've got 3 stone to lose, already lost 1st 6lbs by doing SW and I'm doing all of the above too.

Patchworksack Wed 22-Jan-20 13:50:39

I don't know if you've seen the program on Ch4 "How to lose weight well"? I may have a thing about Dr Xand
Basically they put pairs of people on different diets for short (1-2 weeks) medium (4-6 weeks) or long (4 months) periods of time and then follow their progress. What I've taken away from it is that once you lose the 'headline' grapefruit diet/Goop diet/Sirt diet or whatever the advice is pretty much the same - stop eating processed crap and sugar, white carbs, and alcohol, instead eat homecooked meals with lean protein and plenty of vegetables. All of them lose weight. So the key is finding something that you can stick to day in, day out for long enough to lose significant weight (to lose 4 stone probably at least 6 months at 1-2lb a week)
SW is good for family meals - make extra portions and freeze them so you have something healthy when you can't be bothered to cook, serve yourself extra veg (the Steamfresh bags are good for this). If your husband doesn't like it he can fend for himself.

LuckyBug89 Wed 22-Jan-20 13:55:40

I always struggle to get motivated. Back in 2013 I managed to shed 5 stone and was back and happy at 11stone, now, I have put the 5 stone (and some) back on, feel hideous and basically live in the same 4 outfits because I can't bear to buy anything in my current size (22).

I just downloaded an app to track my food intake and I am starting tomorrow. I am a picker and often disregard what I eat between meals. I have the same problem with my partner but now we eat separately if he doesn't want what I am having and that has helped a lot!

But I just start small, cut out sugar, reduce carbs, try walking more instead of driving.

I just hope I can stick to it this time!

Oceanrae Wed 22-Jan-20 14:46:07

I do get my walking in as I purposely got my daughter nursery a little further from my house it’s 1.9 miles away and I walk there and back 4 times a day even though there’s a nursery opposite my house literally , so I get that in 3 times a week and I’m looking at gym too .. I’m going to cut my portion sizes down buy a big amount of fruit and veg and when I’m peckish I’ll get fruit instead of crisps and biscuits!

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Sjanish33 Wed 22-Jan-20 14:58:08

Hi @Ocean... I have been trying to tackle my diet since last August - I was 15 stone and I started on a VLCD but like another poster said all diets really are the same - it's just calories in versus calories burned.

I'm one of those people who actually put up weight with SW it just didn't suit me. I have to lower the calories, the amount and the crappier foods in my diet. I am now doing my Fitness pal for logging cals and keeping to 1200 a day. I'm even weighing food which is teaching me how large the portions were I was consuming - I'm over a stone and a half down now with 3 more to lose but I feel it's doable with room for what I enjoy occasionally too.

It does take time. Sit and eat with the kids and maybe try to have more regular meals - if the partner doesn't want to eat the same as you (although it's easy to just say go chicken and have it with Vegs and give them potato's and gravy for instance - just have a lot less than them) or let them cook themselves.

Best of luck with it - motivation builds about 3 weeks in.

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