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So I can't run because I've got bad knees...

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ilovetofu Sun 10-Nov-19 11:28:02

But have discovers the following....

Running burns more calories per minute than walking, but it's harder to keep the high-intensity for a long time. There is a 〜30% difference in calorie burn between a slow walk and a moderate run for the same distance. Further increases in running speed won't cause a dramatic increase in calories burned.

So if you just walk for 30% longer than you'd run surely you burn the same number of calories?

Am I the only person who didn't realise this?


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emmaliz Sun 10-Nov-19 11:35:34

Good isnt it? I walk for an hr everyday as I hate running and it also makes me really hungry whereas walking doesn't.
Are you going to give it a go?

ilovetofu Sun 10-Nov-19 17:37:36

Yes! Just did a couple of hours walk in the gorgeous autumnal sunshine.

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DottieLottie1 Tue 12-Nov-19 07:35:28

Get a dog! Gives you all the more reason to walk and walk.

Obviously, that's a semi-serious suggestion ie- you need to like dogs, you need the time, money etc etc.

AuntieStella Tue 12-Nov-19 07:45:46

The downside is that you have to cover quite a mileage to make any difference to your weight. What you eat is going to be the key thing.

OTOH, if you get outside to run or walk, it's terrifically good for your wider health and your mental health

ilovetofu Tue 12-Nov-19 12:56:21

Am planning to get a dog!
Just did an hours walk & 1/2 hour swim - theres no way i could ever run for an hour. So feeling good smile

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ilovetofu Tue 12-Nov-19 12:57:18

@AuntieStella i swim outside too - very effective mood enhancer!

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