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Cannot seem to quit sugar,anyone else?time to account for it all

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WhatAMum01 Fri 11-Oct-19 01:22:12

Precisely as the title an ok size but what is classed as skinny fat,I'm not toned and its down to the fact I cant stop eating sweet stuff.i eat healthy otherwise but have a treat after every meal and as a pick me up(I've three young kids) .for example today I've had a caramel shortbread, a twix white chocolate finger,5 Abernethy biscuits,6 mini protein bites some haribos!!that's normal,but its making me gain weight and feel tired and in a cycle I cant break out of!I want to keep myself accountable on here.anyone else with me?

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Isbutteracarb Fri 18-Oct-19 16:25:38

I am! Pretty much same problems, I’m not overweight (still carrying an extra stone post-pregnancy though) but have a ridiculous and unhealthy sugar addiction, I rely on it to get me through the day and desperately want to give up.

starsinyourpies Fri 18-Oct-19 16:33:07

Sorry same here! Very healthy eater apart from inability to resist the sweet stuff.

Olliphant Fri 18-Oct-19 17:23:41

Same here - I did it before and felt amazing and lost the unfit look- so why can't I make myself quit again?

Weemo5 Fri 18-Oct-19 19:32:54

I was like that too and very overweight, but wanted to lose weight for a wedding. I started Keto in January (low carb high fat and moderate protein ) I loved the diet (look up Dr Ken Berry on YouTube). The diet puts you on pure whole foods, no sugar or starch, and forces your body to burn fat. You really don’t get hungry and a big plus is losing sweet cravings after a few days. It really works, I lost 4 stone by August and dropped 2 sizes, plus feel so much better.
I had 2 weddings and 2 holidays since August, and cheated a bit with wine and puddings, but didn’t gain. I’m back more serious now as I still have 4 stone to lose. Btw, My arthritis, indigestion and reflux went away and my dodgy knee is miles better. ITs highly recommend for people with high blood pressure, diabetes and a load of other symptoms.

Weemo5 Fri 18-Oct-19 19:38:11

If you have Netflix, watch the documentary ‘Magic Pill’, it is amazing and gave me and my husband the inspiration to do the diet.

Girlintheframe Sat 19-Oct-19 05:01:58

I started Keto too in May. Have lost 2 stone which is what I wanted.
My sweet tooth was out of control! I would say it's now about 10% of what it used to be. Now a days I make keto ice cream, keto brownies or have some very dark chocolate. I use sugar alternatives like Swerve or Natvia.
Nothing better than brownies and double cream!
My sugars cravings are much more controllable now

Innishh Sun 20-Oct-19 20:30:00

You need to go cold turkey on the sweets - sugar is addictive - the highs, the crash, the craving. It takes about 4 days to get through it.

Deadlysinner Sun 27-Oct-19 09:27:23

Found my people! My diet is perfect! Other than the 200g bar of chocolate I pick up on the way home, the entire bag of Haribo in front of the sofa or the four chocolate biscuits and slice of cake at work...

hazandduck Sun 27-Oct-19 09:31:02

Ugh I’m a sugar addict too! I am slim and my family is slim but my brother was diagnosed a few years ago with diabetes (it was caused by mumps but still) it’s made me really worry about my sugar consumption.

Currently pregnant but I am going to sort my shit once baby is about 6 weeks old.

Innishh Sun 27-Oct-19 09:54:22

It’s not just the obvious sugar - it’s all processed carbs and starchy veg that will throw you into the addictive cycle of crave, consume, crash..... rinse and repeat whilst you still get hungrier no matter how many carbs you pack away and consequently fatter.

I initially gave up wine 5 weeks ago - but was ravenously hungry, gave up the sweets 4 weeks ago, still wild with hunger.....then eventually cut down starchy veg and processed carbs (pasta, rice, bread) and replaced with quality protein, fruit and veg and moderate healthy fats (nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocado) - and after a few days the cravings have totally gone.

So just from my personal experience I needed to clear the lot out as they trigger my hunger cravings. Wish I had done that all at the beginning!

I have lost 1st over the month.....I was following SW for recipes and turning up to face the music weekly .... I did this around for 16:8 which shoved all of my food into a window so that I was stuffed by the evening and don’t snack - but I think I am going to move on to Fast800 to get me to my end goal quicker.

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