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quiveutmabonnebaguette Sat 28-Jul-07 13:21:06

DH bought me the box set, anyone has bought it and is happy about it ? Did it help you to lose some weight ? My target is to lose 2 stones !

oxocube Sat 28-Jul-07 13:24:34

I have this and do the exercises not to lose weight, but as general toning/keep fit. I think its really good, although her constant prattle gets on my nerves a bit. If you can switch off from this, its great. I can always really feel it the next day which I am assuming is a good thing

She has a nice interview bit at the end which is quite inspiring - she talks about diets, clothes, body image etc. I'll bet if you combined this say 3x a week with a really good healthy eating programme, like she recommends, you would lose weight.

quiveutmabonnebaguette Sat 28-Jul-07 13:32:07

And 3 times a week is not to demanding...

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