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I MUST lose 1/2 stone in 4 weeks

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OhCobblers Sun 12-May-19 08:25:00

Please help!! I've got a major event to go to.
How can I do it?? I've been trying on and off for years to lose a stone. I get close to it then pile it back on.

I generally low carb but it doesn't "feel" healthy to me. Too much fat??

I've previously counted calories and lost lots of weight that way but that was years ago and it's not quite so easy now.

I can go to the gym if I need to but I'm lazy!! Oh and I love love wine on the weekend!!
I really need a kick up the butt!!

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DuffBeer Sun 12-May-19 09:31:15

This is definitely doable - BUT, firstly ditch the alcohol or water the wine down with soda water. If you have to drink, only one day per week and no more than a glass.

Restrict calories to 1000 per day. No junk food and try and go for a brisk walk every day - two miles if you can manage it.

M&S is the place to shop over the next month. They have such a huge range of lovely salad boxes, it's very easy to stick to 1000 calories per day.

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