Can anyone recommend a good app for logging food / calories?

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ChandelierSail Wed 10-Apr-19 19:52:30

I need to lose 2 stone and sticking to a diet never works.

So I want to just keep a log of my food in a bid to just eat less.

Can anyone recommend a good app for logging food?

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Rhodes2015again Wed 10-Apr-19 19:56:24

My fitness pal.
You can scan the barcode of most foods on there, adjust portion size and it will tell you the calories and other nutritional values.
I input any excercise and it also counts steps.

DontBuyANewMumCashmere Wed 10-Apr-19 19:57:29

Second my fitness pal.
You can also log water and exercise when you're ready.

AnnoyedByAlfieBear Wed 10-Apr-19 20:10:40

I made decent progress on Lose It. It was only the free version but it's great.

FamilyOfAliens Wed 10-Apr-19 20:12:10

Definitely MFP.

It has thousands of foods in its database and is really easy to use.

I’ve lost 3st 4lb in a year using it!

DianaT1969 Wed 10-Apr-19 20:19:00

Strange. I found My fitness Pal really painful and laborious to use. Tried it twice for a few days and gave up.

lizzie0712 Wed 10-Apr-19 21:26:28

I agree regarding My Fitness Pal, I'm no good with free foods etc on other diet plans, I need to know when to stop and MFP helps with that plus it really made me think if I really wanted to eat the calories.


ChandelierSail Sat 13-Apr-19 19:36:08

Thank you. I'll give MFP a try.

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