Restarting Freedom Diet Coach - Anyone Else?

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FlightyMare Sun 20-Jan-19 15:10:46


I'm restarting my eating plan from Freedom Diet Coach and am looking for support from anyone else doing it (or anything similar - I think the Body Coach might be the same sort of thing). They don't have a forum or anything on their website, and my initial 12 weeks has run out now, so I don't get the 1-2-1 bit now either.

I've done a food shop over the weekend and know what I'm having each day. I'm at a weight I'm happy with now, but the sugar and crap has really crept back in so I'm using it to reset my habits and get back into a routine of 3 meals and healthy snacks. Anyone care to join me..? (Might just finish my white Toblerone off tonight to clear the decks!!)

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Moanranger Tue 22-Jan-19 06:26:54

I am starting the Beck programme and one of the pre-diet tasks is to get a Diet Buddy. Happy to join you on that basis.
What is the Freedom Plan?

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